Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The international media has highlighted FENAVIN as one of the most important meeting points for Spanish wine in Europe

Specialized German, North American, Icelandic and Swedish magazines offer a very positive balance of the trade fair that was held between May 5th and 7th in Ciudad Real

30.06.2009 | 

The National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN, has turned into a mandatory date in order to talk about Spanish wine in Europe. This is, at least, the most important conclusion reached by the main specialized magazines of the sector in Europe, Weinwirtschaft and Wein + Markt, both German magazines, as well as the North American magazine The Tasting Panel, the Swedish magazine Spanska Viner or the Icelandic magazine Vinotek, journalists of which have analyzed the trade fair during the three days that it was held, from the past May 5th to the 7th in Ciudad Real.

In the opinion of Weinwirtschaft, "Ciudad Real, in that pertaining to exporting, turns into one of the most important meeting points for the Spanish wine sector", apart from recognizing that "the fifth edition of Fenavin has truly been a complete success for the exhibitors".

The prestigious German journalist Jürgen Mathäß explained in the German magazine's June issue that the exhibitors who had been surveyed by the publication explained during the trade fair that "no other trade fair brings in to the stands so many foreign professionals from the world of wine" and that "Prowein and Fenavin are the best trade fairs in Europe".

In his text Mathäß also pointed out that visitors have been able to try practically all the varieties that the Spanish terroir has to offer, these ranging from Galicia to Malaga, including Catalonia.

He likewise mentions that "Castilla la Mancha has again held the starring role in the trade fair, in such a way that all of them were present, from the smallest wineries right through to the biggest, including the new winemakers". This journalist believes "that those in search of other denominations of origin, in particular wines from smaller and medium-sized wineries that are still not present on the international market, have FENAVIN as an enormous base from which to choose", without forgetting the large wineries, which were also present at the trade fair.

On his part the journalist Dirk Dorn, of the Wein+Markt, recognizes that "despite the concerns they had about the current situation, the exhibitors were hopeful and tried to profit from the trade fair days as best they could, in such a way that many producers have made new contacts for exporting and they have presented new vintage years and products to the importers".

As explained in this publication in an extensive reportage, "practically the totality of Germans specialized in Spanish wine, as well as a large group of importers were to be found in the trade fair pavilions". In his opinion, "the way that the organization treated temperature control of the marquees and pavilions was also admirable", apart from the vast amount of Denominations of Origin that were present, as "after a first edition in which it was only possible to find exhibitors from the center of Spain, on this occasion practically no wine-making region from the country was missing at this trade fair that is held every two years".

On its part the North American magazine The Tasting Panel, in its June issue highlights that "both the presence of national purchasers, which has almost doubled the number that were present in the 2007 trade fair, and the number of foreign purchasers, has made it more than manifest that Spain is an increasingly important source in the global wine market".

The Swedish magazine Spanska Viner has also weighed-up the figures of the trade fair, and in their opinion "it is not surprising that 90% of the exhibitors that were present at the 2007 edition have repeated the experience this year", opinions that are similar to those of the Icelandic magazine Vinotek.