Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN 2009 exceeds all the forecasts with the presence of 80,000 persons and 118,000 commercial contacts in three days

The President of FENAVIN has shown his satisfaction with these provisional results and he has underscored the increase of 129% in the number of national purchasers

07.05.2009 | 

The National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN, has closed its doors today with provisional figures that are absolutely positive, high and above the initial forecasts, as has been detailed by the President of the Provincial Government and of FENAVIN, Nemesio de Lara, who during his appearance before the media to provide them with the provisional results, confessed that he is "very happy indeed". And the fact is that during the last three days 80,000 persons have visited the Trade Fair, 65,000 with credentials, which implies an increase of 36% with regards to the 2007 edition. Also, 118,000 commercial contacts have been recorded, as opposed to the 70,175 made in the past edition, representing 70% more.

These are the provisional results made known by De Lara, who has been accompanied by the Institutional Coordinator of the event, Ángel Amador and by the Director of the Trade Fair, Manuel Juliá. The five Vice Presidents of the Provincial Government, along with other members of the provincial institution have also been present.

In that pertaining to the number of persons with credentials, their distribution at the trade fair has been as follows:

  • National Purchasers: 3780, which implies an increase of 129% with regards to the 1650 that visited the previous 2007 edition, a figure that by far exceeds the organization's forecasts.

  • International Purchasers: 2124, which represents an increase of 83% with regards to the 1157 holding credentials in the past edition. Of the total of purchasers, 510 have been directly handled by the organization.
    These international purchasers have come in from 43 countries, as compared to the 30 countries that were present in the past edition.

  • National media groups: 1753.

  • International media groups: 445.

  • Participants in the activities: 3746.

  • Professionals: 42,245, representing a 45% increase in comparison with the 29,126 of the previous edition.

  • Others (organization, security, hostesses, exhibitors…): 10,874

  • De Lara has also detailed that 1153 brands have been on display at the Wine Gallery and that 14,600 professionals, 75% more than two years ago, have visited this facility, which has only been open in the mornings. In this respect he commented that 81 brands corresponded to organic wines.

    On the other hand, the website has received an average of 4200 daily visits, 40% more than in 2007, and the visits have been from 52 countries, highlighting the following in order of visits: Spain, United States, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, China, Holland, Japan, Chile, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and Poland, etc. The most demanded sections have been FENAVIN UP-TO-DATE, the List of Exhibitors and the Education and Events Program. Concerning the on-line information points distributed throughout FENAVIN, these have recorded 10,200 visits as opposed to the 3000 that were recorded in 2007.

    De Lara also commented that a total of 33 companies have provided their services at FENAVIN, of which 29 are from the province of Ciudad Real. In this sense, he highlighted that "about 90% of the budget handled by FENAVIN has remained in the province of Ciudad Real". He likewise detailed that 364 persons have formed the trade fair's organization team.

    The President of FENAVIN added that 63 activities have been held, which have counted with the presence of numerous persons, to the point that the capacity of some halls has been exceeded. And 147 lecturers have participated.

    "This trade fair has clear global connotations"

    "These are very satisfactory figures that make us very happy and they allow us to see that we are fulfilling our obligation with the celebration of a trade fair with these characteristics. In this land we have the bad habit of not recognizing what we are really capable of doing and this trade fair has clear global connotations that position it as the trade fair of reference in the global scope within the wine sector", the President of the trade fair said, then adding "if we can do this from Ciudad Real, where traditionally we are always looking more to the exterior, then it is highly satisfactory to see that we are admired from the outside in a very recognized fashion".

    On the other part he commented that 90% of the exhibitors that were present at the fourth edition have again repeated at this fifth edition. "We don't threaten people here with a knife to the throat so that they will come and visit FENAVIN: if the winemakers are coming in it is because this trade fair interests them and at this time of crisis they have wanted to be here, because FENAVIN is a serious and very professional trade fair".

    De Lara likewise revealed that a survey has been made with more than 80 international purchasers that makes the general opinion on the trade fair more than evident, as the trade fair has obtained a score of 8.91 "which is almost 9". And which in no case whatsoever drops below eight, despite some questions that have been made such as "the support of the organization, documentation we have given you, general operation of the program, etc.". He also explained that the approximate number of meetings that the 80 participating in the survey have confessed to amounts to 1551. Also, a total of 531 consider these meetings as very interesting. "These figures, given their high scoring practically make us speechless", he pointed out with great satisfaction.

    After repeatedly recognizing the great work of the trade fair's Director, Manuel Juliá, his team and the event's institutional coordinator, Ángel Amador, De Lara added that "we are going to continue with FENAVIN. As of tomorrow we will already get down to work on the sixth edition, independently of España Original. We are mutating from politicians into traders, but all in the good of the sectors" De Lara indicated jokingly chuckling away.

    "We are going to wager on the unity of the sector"

    Finally his face took on a grave look as he talked about what FENAVIN's presidency had observed during the event in relationship with the current situation of the sector. "We have seen a somewhat rarified ambience, with very concerned people, who are not as united as they should be. And we are certainly going to wager on unity of the sector, because there are opposed interests and that is not good, as the ones who always lose out are those that cultivate the vine on the land, precisely the poorest, the ones who were the driving force that motivated us to come up with this trade fair", he specified.

    De Lara considers that a Strategic National Viniculture Development Plan is needed, one that is permanently open to the evolutions that take place in the world of wine. And, in that regarding Castilla-La Mancha, a board should be created with all the sub-sectors to permanently talk about all matters related with the vine and wine.

    He is also highly in favor of making a huge effort to reduce the price of wine in bars and restaurants, which in some cases have multiplied by five. "Continuous debate is necessary, which must result in very professional promotion campaigns in which marketing is the categorical object of financing in the promotion of healthy consumption of wine, because wine is a food product. Therefore, we must put our stakes on promoting campaigns that facilitate and educate moderate consumption of wine", he sentenced.

    Then in the chapter dedicated to appreciation, De Lara has first mentioned the organization, the institutional and political team, the entire provincial corporation, the wineries, Spanish and foreign purchasers, the professionals and the media.

    "We believe that we have put the very best that can be done in the hands of the wine sector, this without having any mandatory competences, we have done this in answer to a moral obligation, because the suffering of the wine growing sector, of the people on the land, pains our soul. Thus we will support the wineries and the cooperative sector to exhaustion", the President of FENAVIN has stated, making the point crystal clear.

    About the Convention Center

    Along another line of matters, De Lara has affirmed that he has also received a good number of complaints about the fact that Ciudad Real does not have a great Convention Center. He has reminded that the Provincial Government offered to build one "years ago and they almost crucified us and it wasn't even Easter Week, to the point that it led us to a confrontation between two close-knit villages". He also reminded that it is the responsibility of a Town Hall to promote these types of actions, before assuring that it is the Provincial Government "that has wanted FENAVIN to take place in Ciudad Real; we are giving a lot to Ciudad Real and we are doing this from the bottom of our hearts".

    "It is true that a Convention Center is an absolute necessity, but the project should be on the table by now, there should be an architectonic project, and political availability from the Town Hall. The Provincial Government is more than willing to help, but after several years this project is still not on the table, and in the meantime we are working with marquee pavilions. FENAVIN would be perfect and exceptional if we had a Convention Center", De Lara has said, then reiterating that "indeed FENAVIN deserves less political mumbo-jumbo, less controversies and more categorical and definitive willingness and readiness to build a convention center in which the Provincial Government really doesn't have a say. These things can only be done by the Town Halls".