Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The need to adapt to the tastes of the consumer, under debate at a round table organized by ASAJA

A casual and relaxed round table in which the current tastes of the consumers have been debated

A casual and relaxed round table in which the current tastes of the consumers have been debated

Diverse representatives of different actors in the sector offer their point of view on the current situation

07.05.2009 | 

A relaxed and informal round table was presented at FENAVIN 2009 under the title 'Innovation on the current wine market. Wine elaborated for the consumer', which has been organized by ASAJA with the aim of confronting diverse representatives of the sector to obtain their view with regards to the matter. The event was directed by Fernando Villena, President of the Castilla-La Mancha ASAJA and Florencio Rodríguez, Secretary General of the Ciudad Real ASAJA, during which they have tried to come to conclusions based on the view of diverse spokespersons from the Hotel and Restaurant sector, Administration, Markets and other groups in the sector such as Women's Associations.

A round table in which the Director General for Agricultural Production Francisco Martínez Arroyo has participated, who is of the opinion that the wineries of Castilla-La Mancha can do very important work to adapt the wines to the taste of the consumer. "There are wines of excellent quality in this area, but selling them is very difficult and we must not forget that we have an enormous niche awaiting us in exporting". At this point he has referred to the aids of the CMO for promotion in third countries. "We have presented 114 projects here and, in fact, Castilla-La Mancha is the Spanish region that has invested the most in promotion", Arroyo declared to then continue by pointing out that the Tierra de Viñedos Foundation will be preparing a generic promotion with the brands of the area.

Martínez has also pointed out that market studies are now necessary in order to sell, to know who the consumer is, their habits and their tastes. "Even if it's sacrilege from our point of view on the culture of wine, we must adapt to the consumer, and if in some countries they are demanding bottles with screw caps, well then that is what we have to give them. We must anticipate what the market expects and adapt ourselves".

Rafael del Rey, Director General of the Spanish Wine Observatory (OEMV) then followed suit in this sense, setting-out an evident example: "60% of wine consumption in Sweden is in the 'bag-in-box' format, which we renounced to, however, we have sold wine in bulk to other countries and, in turn, they package it in this format and sell it to the third countries. This is not understandable", he pointed out.

The Director General of the OEMV has explained that, according to his experience, there are two types of consumers in Spain: the consumer who is more of a connoisseur, a classic and the other consumer, who knows less about wine but is more receptive to any type of innovation, both in packaging, as well as in labels and bottle stoppers and even in that pertaining to the product itself. "We should not talk about quality, but about different qualities, although we can indeed talk about faulty wines".

On the other hand, Lola Merino, National President of the Association of Women and Families in the Rural Scope (AMFAR), has given her point of view on women, "we are more than 50% of the population, which means that we should be taken into account when elaborating wine" although Merino believes that a differentiated feminine palate does not exist. "The women who are working in the sector consider that wine does not have a particular nature or gender and, as a mere consumer, I have to back-up this opinion".

Finally, Teófilo Arribas Olmedo, President of the Provincial Association of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Entrepreneurs, has recommended that the consumer should opt for single variety wines or wines made with autochthonous varieties, which will help reduce the margin of error when choosing a wine.