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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Great satisfaction with FENAVIN amongst the international purchasers of the Business Center and the IPEX at the halfway point of the Trade Fair

Fenavin organized the arrival of more than 510 international purchasers from 43 countries, to which another thousand coming in on their own, registering through the Internet, is to be added, total figure of which will be known upon the final count

06.05.2009 | 

International purchasers from 43 countries are very satisfied with the National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN 2009, according to what can be seen in the summary that the Business Center, located in the Eneo Pavilion, has made of the surveys at the halfway point of the trade fair, along with the surveys made by the IPEX of Castilla-La Mancha, area that has also recorded intense activity. The international purchasers are shared out between the Business Center that the trade fair organizes, alongside the Chamber of Trade and Industry of Ciudad Real, and the IPEX of Castilla-La Mancha, promoted by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha. At the halfway point of the trade fair, more than 1200 meetings between exhibitors and international importers had taken place.

For this fifth edition the National Trade Fair on Wine has extended its network of delegates in the world, bringing in 510 purchasers from 43 countries, amongst which were to be found both consolidated markets and emerging markets, without counting Mexico, as its delegation was unable to finally come.

The main delegations per number of purchasers that have been at the Business Center are those from Germany, United States, Benelux, Japan and United Kingdom. While the most numerous delegations brought in by the IPEX have been Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada.

In total the commercial delegations present at FENAVIN 2009 are: Germany, Austria, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, United States, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, India, Russia, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Colombia, South Korea, Israel, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Kazakhstan and Romania.

These 43 delegations increased with regards to the previous edition, in which 29 were present. And according to all of them, the general perception of the importers is very positive, as they consider that the system created by FENAVIN has facilitated business and that very satisfactory contacts can really be made.

More than 1200 meetings coordinated by the Business Center and the IPEX

To be added to these delegations are those that registered on their own through the Internet, and that have not come in with commercial missions but freely, likewise representing a good number, more than 1000, exact figure of which will be known this Thursday when the final count at FENAVIN is made.

By the halfway point of FENAVIN 2009 about 700 meetings between exhibitors and importers included in FENAVIN's Program "Contact with exhibitors and importers" had taken place. At the IPEX stand more than 500 meetings had been recorded.

Very praiseworthy comments for the National Trade Fair on Wine

There is no doubt that they are coming in to do business. The comments that have been heard the most among the international purchasers are "very good organization", in particular valuing the Wine Gallery and the diversity of products and brands. Some are so happy that they have enthusiastically affirmed, "it's fabulous and I hope it doesn't grow anymore". Most coincide in the feeling that "without FENAVIN I would not have found the wines I am selling in my country". They have also highlighted the "great level of attention received from the personnel", "we are very pleased with the fact that Fenavin's organization is accessible to the purchaser", others were commenting.

In general, the typical international purchaser is very open-minded, because "here great quality wines can be found, which would not be available at any other fair", they say.

Germany is one of the markets in which the reaction of the purchasers has been the fastest. Three of the companies that have come in are great importers that invoice more than 25 million Euros a year, as affirmed by the delegate of the trade fair in Germany, Bárbara Wehowsky.

"FENAVIN offers the perfect frame to find out about consumer trends"

Receptiveness of the purchasers from Nordic Countries is also to be underscored, "given that FENAVIN offers them the perfect frame to really find out what the consumer trends are in a market as disparate as this one". In fact, the greatest purchaser of Spanish wines in Sweden is present at the trade fair because it knows that FENAVIN is the perfect opportunity to open up the market and not only in the Nordic Countries, but also in the Baltic Countries, where Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are starting to extend their commercial networks.

The Delegate for Fenavin in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg points out "importers already recognize FENAVIN as the trade fair of reference of the wines of Spain". And the importer of reference in Luxembourg, who is enthusiastic about the trade fair, is also here.