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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"True power resides in knowledge" affirmed Professor Jesús García-Consuegra

The fifth and final lecture included in the program that the UCLM is offering at FENAVIN has been 'ICT applied to commercialization: management of the Web's wine knowledge'

06.05.2009 | 

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is already an everyday element in our lives: Internet, electronic mail or phenomena such as 'YouTube' or 'Tuenti' are the order of the day. However, its possibilities in view of business in general and wine trade in particular have barely started to be developed.

The lecture which has been presented by Jesús Damián García-Consuegra Bleda and Ángel Palazón Sánchez, of the Distributed Information Systems Laboratory of the UCLM in Albacete, had the objectives of describing the current situation of the ICTs to the professionals of wine and to introduce them to its possible applications and on how to put these tools at the service of the wineries.

"It is not true that information is power" García-Consuegra affirms; "from the industrial society we went to the information society, but now we are already in the era of knowledge and that is where true power resides". Information and Communication Technologies are tools -'enablers', according to the term employed by the speakers -, they are means, not final cause in themselves. One of its most prominent characteristics is immediacy: information is valuable if it is known on time, in many cases in real time. A wine offer may be very attractive now, at this very moment, but after fifteen minutes it might not be attractive anymore. What is important is being capable of developing the tools (the 'enablers') that will allow us to have true knowledge of what is happening in real time.

The study of social networks, of the real habits of consumers on the web, is allowing the existence of 'e-trading' web sites (true 'value sources' that are almost automatic, which allow instant negotiation or formation of temporary joint ventures). And blogs are proliferating to the point of forming specific social networks, focused on very specific subjects (already there are 'wine networks' in the United States that are formed by thousands of users).

The idea that the Network is democratic is not exactly right. In the scope of electronic commerce there is a true 'natural selection' in which offer and demand govern. It is important that the winemakers apply themselves to understanding and using ICT as soon as possible, designing a 'Comprehensive Control Panel' of their wine company that will allow them to profit from the enormous potential that the New Technologies offer as soon as possible.

Professor Jesús Damián García-Consuegra Bleda is a Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering and Director of the Distributed Information Systems Laboratory of the UCLM in Albacete. Ángel Palazón Sánchez, Telecommunications Engineer, is a member of his team.