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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





On the second day of the trade fair the Wine Gallery at FENAVIN has exceeded even the most optimistic of forecasts

More than 6500 persons have already visited this unique space, sponsored by the Caja Rural de Ciudad Real, which has the objective of facilitating the work of the trade

06.05.2009 | 

The first thing that strikes the visitor of the Wine Gallery at FENAVIN is the tinkling of the thousands of glasses that are distributed every day at the gallery. During the second day of the trade fair this space has exceeded all the forecasts: more than 6500 persons have visited the lanes of this space, the trade fair's great showcase, during the first two days of the trade fair, which this year has increased its capacity to display 1200 bottles of wine, under optimal conditions and temperature for the tasting experience.

The Wine Gallery is one of the Trade Fair's mainstays, as it propitiates the work of the professionals with its perfect organization, and it also saves time for the purchasers who are quite clear on what they are looking for.

The figures of the Wine Gallery speak of its greatness. Its organization has represented more than a year and a half of work, with five trailer trucks transporting the elements for its assembly, plus 60,000 wine glasses at the disposal of the tasters and 60 workers insuring its day-to-day operation, which gives us an idea of the ambition of this space. "It is worth highlighting how serious about business people visiting the Gallery are, and the fantastic reception it has had as a pioneer concept in Spain", FENAVIN sources have commented.

The wines are displayed in the lanes in accordance to their variety, vintage year and alcohol content. First of all are the sparkling wines, followed by the white variety wines, white wines, rosé wines, red variety wines, red wines and finally dessert wines and fortified wines.

The wine enologists have also found their place in an organization that stands out because of its functionality. Wines are not only classified by their vintage year, but also by the variety of the grape or by the Denomination of Origin. A technical index card stands beside each bottle of wine, in which the name of the wine, its characteristics, price, location of the stand in the trade fair and person of contact are all identified.

Everything in the Wine Gallery has been planned to be dynamic. The Information Desk has been set-up with the foreign investors in mind, to thus orientate and provide them with the necessary explanations about how the tasting sessions work. Also, in like manner to the rest of the trade fair, there are several computers distributed in the Wine Gallery with direct access to FENAVIN 2009's Business Searcher.

Strict Protocol

The painstakingly executed organization can also be seen in the system of tasting sessions. When each visitor arrives they are given a notebook, in which they can annotate the name of the wine they have tried and the company it belongs to. The index cards and the personnel that are available can help the purchaser, but nothing substitutes the protocol of a tasting session. First of all there is a visual stage, in which the color and hue of the wine is determined; this is followed by the olfactory stage that allows us to glimpse the aromatic characteristics. Finally the tasting stage, in which the tasters will sense two moments: in mouth and the aftertaste. It is only after this ritual of the tasting session that the product's category is decided, which is the moment when the purchasing stage comes into play or not.

This year no wine is triumphing over any other, "although what is true is that certain wines are awakening more interest in the professional, be this due to the quality, the fame or other curious aspects. However, this is not happening in an overwhelming sense as compared to the others, which comes to confirm the great level of our country's wines".

This effective business tool is sponsored by the Caja Rural de Ciudad Real, thanks to the agreement of collaboration that has been signed between FENAVIN and the banking institution.