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Athletes and sports journalists remind us that "wine, as is the case with sports, is a healthy pleasure in which the spirit of excelling is all important"

Paco García Caridad, Director of Radio Marca, has coordinated a round table with the former road-racing cyclist Fernando Escartín, the President of the Valladolid Club de Fútbol and the sports journalist Juan Carlos Rivero (Estudio Estadio, TVE-2)

06.05.2009 | 

Today, May 6th, Paco García Caridad, Director of Radio Marca, has coordinated the round table "Wine and Sports II" at FENAVIN, with the participation of the former road-racing cyclist Fernando Escartín, third overall winner of the 1999 Tour de France, along with Juanito Oiarzabal with whom he climbed the Aconcagua in the year 2006; the sports journalist Juan Carlos Rivero (Estudio Estadio TVE-2), and the President of the Real Valladolid Club de Fútbol, Carlos Suárez, former basketball player.

Under the slogan of "Un vino de altura" (A wine that Rises to the Occasion), García Caridad has set-out the intention of comparing high performance sports with the effort of creating a good wine, as well as the connection that many athletes have with the world of wine, as is the case of the Valladolid football club, which enjoys a great connection with the wineries of the area.

Before starting the table, the sports journalist told us how after overcoming the challenge of climbing the Aconcagua, the first thing they did when they came down from the huge mountain was to have a glass of Argentinean wine at a winery in Mendoza.

In the opinion of García Caridad, wine is "a vehicle for friendship and the economic engine of many areas in Spain and, in moderation, it is a true source of health", something in which he has coincided with Escartín, who enjoys a glass of wine with his meals, or with the journalist Juan Carlos Rivero, for whom wine is a healthy pleasure and also an example of a spirit of excelling, "in like manner to the effort involved in making a great wine", he assured.

Carlos Suárez started his intervention with the famous song "vino que tiene Asunción no es blanco ni es tinto ni tiene color" (Asunción's wine is neither white nor red nor any color), in order to establish a comparison between how a good athlete is created and how a good wine is created, "both matters have their troubles and heartaches, fidelity to the brand and, finally, exclusivity, and in both cases there are good and bad moments".

There is no Spanish Wine in Helsinki

Juan Carlos Rivero recalled how some coaches from different teams recommend that their players enjoy a glass of wine with lunch, as is the case with some physicians, indicating that "wine and sports have no finish line, because both can always be improved", while in turn he drew attention to a particular aspect: "with TVE we have traveled the world covering sports broadcasting and when we were in Helsinki (Finland) I was very surprised to discover that there were no Spanish wines in the restaurants, and since our athletes and coaches are starting to be recognized on a global level, given their brand image as Spaniards, we should insure that the same thing happens with our wines".

Despite being late for the round table, Rivero reminded that "in wines as in sports, in the end the great ones are the ones that win" and he was proud to be at FENAVIN "because it contributes to promoting Spanish wine and an industry that is certainly worth the effort".

Escartín praises FENAVIN for sponsoring a cycling team

Fernando Escartín, who works for Nozar, the company that owns the Enate Winery and with 9 Tour de France under his belt, apart from 8 Vuelta a España and 2 Giro de Italia, compared the tremendous effort that training for a cycling season implies with the care involved in the vineyards and in the preparation of a great wine: "Every year we train in the same way, with much pampering and great effort, yet the result is never quite the same", he assured, then opposing a good or bad sports season with a wine of more or less quality, and this always with the "same struggle year after year".

He thanked FENAVIN from the bottom of his heart for supporting a cycling team and he encouraged young athletes to drink wine in moderation with their meals, in order to relax after a great effort, as used to be his case after escaping on his own in the races for 200 kilometers, indicating that "when somebody says that they don't like wine, you take them out to dinner and you invite them to try a glass and they all end up liking it, thus he encouraged everybody to have a try".

The round table concluded with all of them comparing teams and athletes with wines. Thus amongst other teams that were mentioned, Real Madrid was compared with a "Vega Sicilia". The Spanish national football team with "La Plazuela" from La Mancha, leaving it quite clear that "the best wine in the world is the wine I like the best", said the coordinator of the round table, and he also inadvertently "blurted out" that Induráin is a better athlete and better person than Lance Armstrong, apart from giving away some good publicity to athletes turned winemakers, as is the case with Sanchís and Butragueño with Casalobos, amongst others.

After the round table all the participants went off to enjoy the trade fair "to try out new wines", as assured by Rivero, Escartín and García Caridad, who all coincided in pointing out that "nowadays there are no bad wines, just good wines and better wines".

In the opinion of García Caridad, the great secret behind Spanish wine is its quality-price ratio, "although currently there are many that 'take the plunge' with signature wine labels and it is fundamental that equilibrium be found, because it is possible to find very good wines that are no more expensive than ten Euros".

The most read newspaper in the country, Marca, with more than 2.5 million daily readers, and Radio Marca, with an audience of more than half a million, have decided to show their support to the fifth edition of FENAVIN, under the concept that sports and effort and, therefore, health, are highly related with wine, its moderate consumption and the great work that goes into creating a fine wine.

The newspaper Marca published an eight-page supplement in its May 5th edition, which was the first day of the trade fair, the same dedicated to FENAVIN, and Paco García Caridad, Director of Radio Marca, hosted his program from the trade fair itself on its first two days, with the presence of important names from the Spanish world of sports as guests.