Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN recognizes the dedication of fourteen national and international professionals to the world of wine

The President and Director of the Trade Fair, as well as the Minister for Agriculture have been present at the event held at the Marcos Redondo Conservatory

05.05.2009 | 

This evening the National Trade Fair on Wine (FENAVIN) has recognized the dedication of fourteen national and international professionals to the world of wine, at the Award Ceremony of "A Life Dedicated to Wine", which has taken place at the Marcos Redondo Music Conservatory of Ciudad Real.

All the laureates have enjoyed a long and productive trajectory in the world of wine, circumstance that has been highlighted by both the President and the Director of FENAVIN, Nemesio de Lara and Manuel Juliá, respectively.

The laureates of the international modality have been Aarno Magnusson, Finish journalist decorated by King Juan Carlos I with the Great Cross of the Civil Merit Order; the Honorary President of the FIJEV (International Federation of Wine Journalists and Writers) and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine VINO and founding President of the trade fair Le Mondial du Vin, Louis Havaux.

The award has also been granted to the prestigious German journalist specialized in wine and wine marketing adviser Jürgen Matäß; to the North American Paul Wagner, founder and President of Balzac Communication & Marketing and of the Academy of Wine Communications; Félix Benito, British founder of C&D Wines and member of the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine; Pedro Poncelis, Mexican Sommelier for the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental; and to the Chinese St Pierre Jr, CEO of ASC Fine Wines, one of the leading companies in wine imports in China, which appears amongst the most prestigious to be found in the Asian giant.

National Laureates

In the section corresponding to the national professionals, the laureates have been Michel Grin, Director of Bodegas Murviedro (Valencia Denomination of Origin); Félix Solís, Owner of Bodegas Félix Solís (Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin) and President of the Association of Winemakers of the Geographic Area of Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin; and Alejandro Alonso, Member of Congress for the province of Toledo and former Minister for Agriculture and the Environment. During his stage as Minister he was the driving force behind the regional wine sector and he created the Institute of the Vine and Wine, (IVICAM).

The "A Life Dedicated to Wine" Award has also been granted to Rafael Puyó, Secretary General of the AVIMES-ASEVICAMAN; to Jesús Mendrano, Owner of the Bodegas Medrano Group; to Miguel Raya, Member of Alcohols and Wines (ALVISA) of Socuéllamos; and to Bienvenido Muñoz Crespo, President of FEVIN (Mancha Denomination of Origin).

"In any life there is time enough to do a lot of things, and some people are just intent on doing too many and they end up doing them badly. I defend those human beings that do very few things, who do them properly because they are good professionals. Three elements are necessary for this, eagerness, determination and heart. And then comes specialization", De Lara said when he took his turn to congratulate the laureates.

The President of the trade fair then added that the laureates respond to these characteristics that he has referred to. "Thus was FENAVIN born, with heart and with professionalism. I applaud you because you are capable of combining these exquisite virtues and if on top of this your life revolves around wine, well then, sweet as pie it is".

He added that what the sector now needs is less corporativism, less self-interested behavior, less sterile debates and less ingrained criticism and more unity. "I am convinced that it is as of unity that we will be capable of taking forward a sector that needs absolutely each and every one of us", he concluded.

On his part, the regional Minister of Agriculture, José Luis Martínez Guijarro, thanked all the laureates for their presence and collaboration during the event, as they had subjected themselves to a round of questions on the part of the event's Host, the Tenor and Stage Director Enrique Viana, from which they emerged with flying colors. "My most sincere congratulations and thank you all very much for contributing with your experience to the continuous advancement of this wonderful world of wine", he added.

Along another order of matters, it must be said that Viana has specifically designed a friendly and sparkling script in which musical numbers have refreshingly appeared employing texts of an enological-humoristic tone. The costumes and illumination have completed a function that was especially conceived as the thread of the award ceremony for "A Life Dedicated to Wine" that FENAVIN's organization has known how to institutionalize.

Viana is one of the most tireless scholars of the Bel Canto in our country, facet that has not hindered him from directing, producing and starring in many different shows to thus bring opera closer to the public, performing many of the leading roles in the most important lyrical theatres of the international geography.

He has been the conductor of many different cultural events, such as the National Theatre Awards and he currently combines his performances on different stages with the creation of the script and presentation of RNE's Classic Radio Program "Solo Canciones Españolas" (Only Spanish Songs).

The artist has shared the stage at this gala with three magnificent singers who already enjoy a fabulous career: the sopranos Amanda Serna and Mercedes Arcuri and the baritone Isidro Anaya. All of them have been accompanied by Daniel Oyarzabal on the piano. Executive production has been to the account of the Castellano-Manchego company Estreno Producciones.