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The Consumer, the key to build brand

Germán Ramírez and Marie L. Calderón

Germán Ramírez and Marie L. Calderón

The Representative for Wine Marketing at the Codorniu Group and the Director of Marketing & Sales for Proodevo believe in the need to build brand in order to do business

05.05.2009 | 

The Representative for Wine Marketing at the Codorniu Group, Germán Ramírez and the Director of Marketing & Sales for Proodevo, Marie L. Calderón have been the two lecturers at the conference "Marketing of Wine II - How to create a label in today's world of wine?", which has taken place at FENAVIN 2009. Both have coincided on the need to listen more to the consumer and less to the experts when it comes time to create brands.

Marie L. Calderón has insisted on the idea that, a brand, as a definition, must transmit confidence to the consumer who, in general, wants to try different brands, but finds himself with saturated supermarket shelves. "Only in Spain it is estimated that we have 16,000 wine brands, and apart from this it is hard for the consumer to understand the offer because it is also estimated that only 5% of consumers have certain notions of the sector. If we take into account that choosing a wine in the supermarket shelf takes about 18 seconds, the impact of the brands has to be very powerful indeed to draw the consumer's attention", she explained.

The Director of Marketing & Sales for Proodevo also affirmed that really important brands don't really exist in the wine sector. The most important producer in the world, E.J. Gallo, only has 2% of the market share, therefore, there is still much to be done in that referring to branding.

On his part Germán Ramírez is of the opinion that building a brand is not really the objective, as what the agents in the sector want to do is business and "brands are not created by those elaborating wine, but by the consumers themselves, who are the ones at which the brands are aimed, although we can help in this." It is only after a long period of time that it is possible to build brand in the world of wine, and always responding to the needs of the final consumer (restaurants, opinion leaders, journalists, etc...).

For Ramírez, being the best, or the first, or the only one, or the creator is amongst the basic requirements to build brand, "but sometimes there is no need to go so far and it suffices if the product is striking, surprising, entertaining, interesting or simply beautiful. Notwithstanding, success when one is the best depends on the message being obvious or special, crystal clear and that what is said is relevant", he explained. He also stressed the fact that it is basic to insure that what one is saying reaches a specific target and that quite often it is good to approach minority sectors of consumers that are of less interest but that are more receptive.

According to the Representative for Wine Marketing at the Codorniu Group, the next step, once the product has been defined, is the message and the objective, to have an impact, to leave a mark in the consumer to then finally execute the plan.

In summary, the keys to success, always according to Ramírez, reside in taking risks, experimenting, innovating, creating, breaking the rules and focusing.