Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





CEVINUM debates the reform of the CMO on Wine and the novelties that will be introduced at the National Trade Fair on Wine

The Secretary General of the Consortium of Spanish Wine Producing Companies, Rafael Puyó, has assured that he is "not satisfied with the current reform"

05.05.2009 | 

The national and regional associations of the Consortium of Spanish Wine Producing Companies, CEVINUM (AVIMES, AEMZU, ASEVICAMAN, AEMZUCAMAN, ALCOMAN and the Spanish Vinegar Association) have held a joint meeting within the frame of FENAVIN, in which a monographic debate has taken place on the effects of application of the reform of the CMO on Wine and the novelties that will be introduced as of the upcoming September 1st of 2009.

The Secretary General of CEVINUM, Rafael Puyó, has affirmed that he is "not satisfied with this reform", thus the reason why during the meeting, at which about 50 persons were present, the measures that can still be applied until the month of August came under debate. He likewise spoke about what the Presidency of the European Union will represent for Spain in the first semester of 2010, when Spain will assume its presidency for the fourth time.

In this sense Puyó has pointed out that the members of AVIMES, ASEVICAMAN and AEMZU have held a meeting at an official luncheon with the spokesperson of the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies of the Agricultural Commission, Alejandro Alonso, during which they have requested that they start working now on the presidency of the EU.

According to the Secretary General "we need the pen to be correctly amended in the drafting, as it can contain very notable improvements". He also underlines the promotion of grape juices and vinegars, as he considers that "promotion of these products should be carried out in the same way in the European Union".

He likewise considers that campaigns should be carried out in Spain to revaluate consumption of wine as is established by the state law, which proclaims that wine is a natural food product. He points out that due to its alcoholic composition "it should be consumed in moderation and always accompanied by food".

AVIMES works on the implantation of sustained campaigns of promotion, information, training and appreciation of wine as a healthy and enjoyable food product, along with the implantation of foundations for the promotion of grape juice and wine in other autonomous communities. The latter is to generate a confederation of promotion foundations that will handle the funds that are to be allocated for the promotion of Spanish wines and the remaining wine products.

He finally reminded that the IVICAM has demonstrated that partaking of two glasses of wine does not come up positive in blood alcohol tests made on drivers. Thus AVIMES also recommends consuming two glasses of wine with each meal.