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Roberto Gómez: "With very special pairing, wine and sports form the perfect marriage"

The sports journalist for Radio Marca has gathered together Antonio López Farré, Juan Onieva, Ginés Carvajal, José Luis Cuenca and Pedro Viesco in the round table "Wine and Sports"

05.05.2009 | 

The popular sports journalist for Radio Marca, Roberto Gómez has declared that "with very special pairing, wine and sports form the perfect marriage". This is how the round table "Wine and Sports" kicked-off, the same coordinated within the frame of FENAVIN-2009 and with the participation of Doctor Antonio López Farré; the President of Vros Sport Consulting and former Vice President of the Real Madrid Football Club, Juan Onieva Aguirregomezcorta; football players agent, Ginés Carvajal; one of the members of the Association for the Defense of Real Madrid's Heritage, José Luis Cuenca and former football player Pedro Riesgo.

According to the likewise Director of the Research Department of the Hospital Clínico de San Carlos in Madrid, "red wine is a protector of cardiovascular health, because the skin of the red grape has a series of antioxidant molecules that protect from free radicals. Red wine consumed in moderate amounts (maximum of two glasses of wine a day) can reduce oxidation produced by bad cholesterol".

The former football player of the Rayo Vallecano football team, Pedro Riesgo has assured that wine and football are two of his passions, which he has combined beautifully in his sporting life, as "quite of a few of our coaches have personally served us a glass of wine with our meals". He is also of the opinion that "consuming wine in moderation is beneficial to the performance of an athlete".

On his part José Luis Cuenca, who has defined Roberto Gómez "in like manner to Robert Parker or José Peñín, as the guru of sports information, because Antonio López is an absolute expert and first line investigator", informed that "in the luxury suites of the stadiums Spanish wine is enjoyed, more specifically Rioja wine".

Juan Onieva, former Vice President of the Real Madrid Football Club during the time of Lorenzo Sanz and future candidate to the elections of the so-called "Club Blanco", has corroborated that "in general terms alcohol has been strictly forbidden in sports". However, he commented "coaches and the clubs' health services are not opposed to wine being consumed during the week, although they do not really support drinking wine on the day before the match". He has also advanced that if he wins the elections he will "forbid consumption of alcohol in the loge, but that he still has to think about making an exception with wine".

Ginés Carvajal, football players agent, for footballers such as Raúl, Casillas, the Barcelona Football Club goalie Víctor Valdés or the Madrid Football Club coach Juan de Ramos, has commented that "wine is now a fashion amongst football players, with many of them investing in wineries, as is the case with Manolo Sanchís or Fernando Hierro". "Wine is good for the football players and for the followers, as I can assure you that last Saturday many of them drowned their sorrows in wine", he jokingly said.