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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"Better with Wine" makes the excellence of pairing wines with Castellano-Manchego vegetables and garden produce known to all

The first pairing session included in this project has set the table with surprising and delicious combinations of dishes and wines

05.05.2009 | 

The project "Better with Wine" has opened its activities at FENAVIN with a succulent pairing proposal of vegetables and selected garden produce with wines that put on display the characteristics of Castilla-La Mancha.

As explained by the manager of this project, "Better with Wine" is an initiative that since the year 2004 integrates the Provincial Association of Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs and the Provincial Association of Winegrowing Industries. The association saw the light with the idea of promoting and improving the service of the wines from this land, thus altogether, to create a wine culture amongst professionals and the population.

The speakers that have taken part in this activity have been Ramón Muñoz de Cuerva, owner of the winery Bodegas Naranjo; José Crespo García, owner of the restaurant hotel Casa Pepe; Javier Huertas Muñoz, businessman and owner of the restaurant hotel Santa Cruz; Joaquín Muñoz Coronel, specialized journalist in gastronomy and tourism; and Celedonio Muñoz García, enologist and expert in sensorial analysis of wines.

All of them have agreed on the importance of pairing wines and dishes so that, as expressed by José Crespo, "the table will be a celebration". For Celedonio Muñoz, it is necessary to first know about the wine and then, depending on its parameters of quality, choose the right dish, and he adds that if their is concordance between both parts, then the pairing experience is not shattered.

The wine Casa de la Dehesa Moscatel Seco, made by Bodegas Naranjo is not commercialized as of yet, thus it has enjoyed its first-run at this tasting session. As explained by Muñoz de Cuerva, this is a newly created wine, elaborated with our own grapes, fresh, very light, with exotic flavors that lead towards very acid tones. This novelty has been served in the company of a sweet pumpkin stuffed Almagro Eggplant on a bed of tomato sauce and lumpfish roe.

The second wine that has been tasted was a Vegaval Plata Verdejo 2008, made by Bodegas Miguel Calatayud and paired with a pepper salad with Manchego cheese marinated in vine shoot oil. Then followed an Ágora Maceración Carbónica, by Bodegas Arúspide, paired with an exquisite crocante of green beans with a touch of Ibérico over a bed of mushroom cream. The session then continued with a Señorío de Guadianeja Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo 2008, by Vinícola de Castilla that was accompanied by a Manchego vegetable garden ratatouille. The final touch to the pairing session was the Museo de Arúspide Syrah 2008, by Bodegas Arúspide, which was combined to perfection with a wild mushroom and hare stew with Terrinches chickpeas.

Muñoz Coronel parted from the basis that FENAVIN is a professional trade fair, and he underlined the possibility of also making it accessible to those that are particularly interested in the world of wine. The journalist also defended combining regional dishes prepared in the most traditional of fashions with those in which the same basic product is used, but that are elaborated with more innovative techniques.