Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





International experts of world-class on promotional strategies for the exporting of wine will come together at FENAVIN

Speakers of the round table at FENAVIN 2009

Speakers of the round table at FENAVIN 2009

"It is like going from showing a Volvo to showing an Aston Martin": This is how the Director of Wines of Chile in the United Kingdom describes the promotional work that the institution has been carrying out in the last few years.

30.04.2009 | 

FENAVIN, the National Trade Fair on Wine, which will take place between May 5th and the 7th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion, will include a very interesting round table in its Program of Activities, which will deal with 'Promotional Strategies for the exporting of wine'.

The Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real has organized this activity and it will count with three heavyweights in the specialty. Coming in from London will be Joanna Mason, Director of the office for Wines of South Africa in the United Kingdom, and Michael Cox, Director of Wines of Chile in Britain. The third guest is Rocío Alberdi, Director of Agri-Food Products of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX). The three enjoy great experience in the promotion of wine in that pertaining to exporting, this because on the one hand the United kingdom is a very important consumer market, perhaps the most dynamic in recent years; while on the other hand, Spain has been dedicated to making its wines known throughout the world for at least five years now.

Wines from Spain - ICEX

Rocío Alberdi will focus her participation on the brand 'Wines from Spain', created by the ICEX to group together the promotional activities on Spanish wines that are being carried out. The strategy that is employed with this brand is based on creation, use and spreading of a global image of the Wines from Spain under a common umbrella that brings together a diversity of activities: publicity in specialized media, elaboration of promotional material, organization of presentations, tasting sessions and trade fairs... as well as a broad range of public relations and educational activities. The objective behind all of them is none other than to provide first-hand information for the trade in the different target markets and improve positioning of Spanish wines in the Premium segment, providing our country's wineries with commercial opportunities. Naturally, although the work carried out by Wines from Spain is global, "more effort is put into those markets that we consider a priority for our wineries, such as Germany, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland", Alberdi comments.

Wines of Chile

Michael Cox assures us that the challenge that Chilean wines faced more or less a decade ago was to inform the world that the wines made in this South American country had changed drastically. Wine has been made in Chile since the middle of 15th Century; however, it was towards the beginning of the 21st Century when the country turned into one of the most dynamic and innovative producers on a global scale. As the well-known British critic wrote, until that time the image of Chilean wines could be compared to "that of a Volvo, safe but boring". Thus the reason why Michael Cox asserts that his work at Wines of Chile has been and is to change this image and "turn it into that of an Aston Martin... to give Chile an image of quality, complexity, textures and maturity, going from a one-dimensional view to a more multi-dimensional view".

Wines of South Africa

Joanna Mason will be explaining the strategies that her organization has developed to achieve a distinctive image of their quality wines under the slogan 'Variety is in our nature'. Various ideas are grouped together under this slogan, amongst which "the commitment of the producers with the environment, the diversity of the wines, the wine culture of the lands of El Cabo and the great variety of experiences that tourism in the area can offer" are to be highlighted, as Mason assures us.


The Representative of South African wines is very pleased to visit the National Trade Fair on Wine to "discuss the role of generic wine marketing in an international scope".

Cox has expressed himself in similar terms: "The great thing about wine is that it gathers together people that share a passion. Therefore, I am very pleased to visit FENAVIN in order to compare my ideas on the promotion of wine with the Spanish professionals. Spain enjoys a great wine tradition and it shares with Chile many of the challenges that our changing world is putting forward".