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Ciudad Real
2025, may 6, 7 & 8

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino


The Spanish Observatory Wine Market (OeMV) returns to FENAVIN with interesting presentations about the sector

'Tourism and Wine. How to convert our tourists into customers' and 'Spanish Wine in the World: Markets and Challenges of Spanish Wineries', will take place on May 9th and May 10th, respectively.

Experts and experienced professionals in the field at FENAVIN will provide the necessary keys that companies require to confront the challenges faced by the sector.


Mar 2023

The Activities Area of FENAVIN’s Organization is finishing an extensive program of tasting sessions and presentations that will be of great interest to buyers and industry experts who attend the 12th Edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine, which will take place in Ciudad Real from May 9th to May 11th. 


This will be precisely the case of the two presentations that the Spanish Observatory Wine Market (OeMV) is going to develop, which, thanks to its General Director, Rafael del Rey, returns to FENAVIN to transfer data and knowledge on the sector. 


The first of the Presentations, 'Tourism and Wine. How to turn our tourists into customers´. In it, with Rafael del Rey as moderator, they will talk about why Spain, despite being one of the largest world leaders in both wine and tourism and gastronomy, does not quite get all that it could out of the sales.  


Beyond wine tourism, which has exceeded 3 million visits to wineries and wine museums, Spain receives more than 80 million foreign visitors who eat, drink and enjoy our country, making it one of the few countries in the world with this capacity for reception. However, there is the challenge of how to turn these visitors into customers of our products, and especially of wine, so that with today’s modern distribution techniques and having overcome fiscal, administrative and logistical obstacles, they can buy Spanish wines to send them to their home addresses abroad. 


In that pertaining to what is needed to achieve it, at FENAVIN the OeMV, hand in hand with experts and experienced professionals in the field will try to provide the keys to achieve it. 


On the other hand, through the Presentation 'Spanish Wine in the World: Markets and Challenges of Spanish Wineries´, which will take place on May, an analysis will be made on the reality of the evolution of international wine markets, trying to deduce the main challenges faced by Spanish wineries, with the fundamental goal of improving its value and image. 


Although it needs no introduction, the OeMV has been the best source of studies and information in the sector since its inception in 2008. Its goals are to promote, encourage and support knowledge of the national and international markets for wine and wine products, in all areas and channels, including specificities related to distribution and consumers. 


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