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FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino


The Wine Gallery, FENAVIN 2017's very best possible lure for business

The greatest tasting hall in the world receives thousands of visits from around the globe during these three days and everyone is marvelled at its usefulness


May 2017

The Wine Gallery is undoubtedly one of the most highly valued corners of FENAVIN 2017. In this gallery, in just a few square metres, 1492 references pertaining to all varieties, all brands and all Denominations of Origin of Spain come together. And this variety, along with the speed, is precisely what is valued the most by those visiting, with a wine glass in hand and the tables replete with bottles at their perfect temperature. 


This is the case of José Manuel Martínez and Jesús Pérez, from Villatobas in Toledo, who both acknowledge that they have visited the trade fair many times and that it is precisely this space to be found at FENAVIN that allows them to try wines that are more unusual for them and also in a relaxed and comfortable setting: “There is no need to go from one stand to another, as you can try them all right here and later on go to the stands of the products that you like the most, with no waste of time whatsoever”, they explain. 


A few tables further down we encounter Inés, from the winery Cooperativa Cristo del Prado in Madridejos, who is of a similar opinion: “this is a fabulous idea for those of us who do not have time or much of an inclination for wandering around”.  


“It is absolutely fantastic, as it really is the best way to try wines and back-up the commercial meetings one wants to close. You can try a whole bunch of references and since all the information is available at a glance in the index cards, you can then contact with the companies that interest one the most. It is all beautifully organized”, explains California born Eric Miller, who is debating with himself between several young red wines. 


Saray Marco and María Trujillo, of La Mancha Designation of Origin, also mention another benefit of the Gallery: “it is a fabulous idea, in particular for those of us who have a stand but do not have much time to try other wines, as this system allows us to try many different products in just half an hour”.  


Pablo Vera has an Enoteca in Gran Canaria, which is called El Zarcillo, and this is his first visit to FENAVIN. He admits that he is highly impressed by the trade fair and, in particular, by the Gallery. Accompanied by the wine consultant and sommelier Manuel Lustres, he prefers to take his adventure calmly: “yesterday we made it all the way here and today we are going to continue right to the end, and if we don’t finish, then we continue tomorrow, because this is really something that must be done in an unhurried fashion”, he explains with a big smile on his face. Vera has already taken note of a few references that he wants to include in his store, in particular red wines, but that adapt and are perfect for the Canary Islands climate. 


And just newly arrived from Japan we have Yoko and Asami, whose first reaction upon seeing the Gallery was one of surprise in view of the amount of wines on display. “They are very well organized and it is easy to find what you are looking for, although we have come in to find wines from Catalonia and it would be really good if the system was also organized by Designations of Origin or regions, although even so, deep down this system is really good, because we are now trying other types of wines from other areas to learn all about new varieties”. These two Japanese women, who are already reaching the end of the tasting hall, explain that the Wine Gallery is a great idea that they have not found in any of the other fairs that they have visited.  

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