The "Contact with…" program of FENAVIN 2017 has opened

This business tool generated 194 commercial meetings per hour at the trade fair in the year 2015


Contact with…, FENAVIN’s seasoned business tool, is put underway. This program gave rise to 5,236 commercial meetings during the 2015 edition. In even more overwhelming numbers, this equals 194 meetings per hour every day of the trade fair. With such a huge volume in just 27 hours, it is quite likely that the buyer will find what he/she is looking for and will go back home satisfied and hoping to return to another edition to do even more business at FENAVIN. 

A practical example of this could be the owner of a chain of supermarkets in Poland visiting FENAVIN from May 9th to the 11th in Ciudad Real. The owner would be in search of Tempranillo variety wines with Designation of Origin, which is the product that has the highest acceptance amongst his clients. This hypothetical buyer would have three days to discover the trends, try and taste the products and find out all about the best offers there are on Spanish wine. However, he only has three days available and there is a lot to see and try. 


Hence, the “Contact with…” program, which is being opened today and which will be active for professionals in the private area of FENAVIN's website, is ideal precisely for people and companies such as the Polish buyer, who have a lot of things to see in a very short period of time. This tool allows our hypothetical buyer to come into contact with and close meetings with the exhibitors that interest him the most. Once this buyer arrives at the trade fair, he can do so with an agenda of meetings that is replete and with encounters at different times of the day at the stand of the exhibitors that offer Tempranillo with Designation of Origin, the same to follow-up with the example. This tool is open until the end of the trade fair.


Buyers that join the Contact with… Program will be able to avoid having to run around the corridors and pavilions and will thus be able to maximize effectiveness of their time at the trade fair. This is likewise the case for the exhibitors, winery owners, cooperatives and entrepreneurs who also wish to contact with the buyers they are most interested in by way of this program. 



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