Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The Globalcaja Wine Gallery receives more than 9800 visits during the first two days of activity at FENAVIN

Throughout the first two days of the Trade Fair the professionals have enjoyed 1492 wines that are on display under perfect conditions for their tasting

13.05.2015 | 

The Globalcaja Wine Gallery is the true heart of FENAVIN. Buyers arriving to Ciudad Real from all corners of the globe are taking in this gallery, which seems to have true arteries, in search of wines that will surprise them and that cover the expectations of their potential clients. Once they have put down their wine glass, at the end of the tour through all the flavours of the Spanish "terroir", they continue along their way to the stand in which they can find the wines they have chosen, those that may just become part of their new portfolio.

This year, right at the middle point of the Trade Fair, 9871 professionals have already, during the first two mornings that the Wine Gallery has been open, made a complete tour of the same, with 4865 visits on the first day and 5006 visits on the second day, "which allows us to forecast a new record figure by the time the doors close on Thursday on this new space for tasting that has been meticulously fitted out to perfection", assured the Director of the Trade Fair, Manuel Juliá. "The Gallery is the true driving force behind the trade fair activity, as it facilitates new business objectives and confirms or discards those that have already been advanced", he underscores.

In this eighth edition of FENAVIN, the professionals have had the possibility of enjoying the 1492 wines on display, 276 of which are white wines and 817 are red wines. Also, once again, the selection of organic wines, in which 164 references have been included, is the section with the most visits, as the bottles in this area are being restocked at an astounding rate.

Precisely, in another edition, it is the financial institution Globalcaja that has been in charge of sponsoring the Wine Gallery, a space in which each wine is presented under perfect temperature conditions for tasting. Also, alongside each wine there is an information sheet, in both Spanish and English, with all the relevant information about the wine (tasting note, origin, varietals, type of production, price…), as well as the location of the stand of the corresponding winery in the trade fair. Thus, the professional can take as many notes as desired and then subsequently establish contact with the wineries that have been of the buyer"s interest. Also, each one of these information sheets includes a QR code, which allows for immediate verification of all the information about each wine through a mobile device.

Wines with intriguing names

Among the curiosities that the professionals can find in the Wine Gallery there is an interesting offer that ranges from a blue cava, the "Bluebird" made by Vins Grau, right through to a light vermouth Made in La Mancha, by Bodegas El Progreso, and which only has one degree of alcohol content. There are also wines with very unusual names such as "Eléctrico", a Montilla Moriles, bottle of which is a light bulb; "Vivir sin dormir" or "Mala vida", made by Bodegas Arráez, pertaining to the Jumilla Designation of Origin or "Pim, Pam, Poom", made by Bodegas Saó del Coster, from the Priorat…in short, the Wine Gallery is a space to experience what Spanish wine really tastes like.