Ciudad Real, may 09-11 2017

Ciudad Real, may 09-11 2017



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Mariano Castellanos: "It's the small details that mark the difference in times of crisis"

An activity organized to examine initiatives aimed at improving the hotel and restaurant offer in view of the current economic situation

03.05.2009 | 

The forum 'Quality and Excellence in Times of Crisis' and the Award Ceremony of the "Awards to the Promotion of Quality in the Restaurant Sector' will be providing important keys to fight against the economic uncertainty in the hotel and restaurant sector. Both activities form part of the Program of Activities that will be hosted at the 5th National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN-2009, which will take place at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion from May 5th to the 7th.

The objective of the round table on quality and excellence is to make the experiences of the diverse actors in the sector known to all, this in that referring to specific initiatives that have been recently adopted to adapt the offer to the current economic situation. The coordinator of the events will be Mariano Castellanos, President of the National Federation of Dining Room Managers and President of the AMYCE (National Association of Spanish Maître d'hôtel and Waiters) in Madrid. Amongst others, he will be accompanied by Carlos Nuere Goyeneche, Manuel Conde, Juan M. Gómez Bedoya (President, Director and Representative for Training, respectively, of the College of Gastronomy, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism of Toledo) and by Rafael Ansón, President of the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy.

The idea is to find the positive side of things, to show the friendlier aspects in view of the consumer, a customer who is in search of moments of pleasure and certainly does not want to be reminded about the difficult current situation. This is where the real professionals come into play: "It's not the air-conditioning, or the decoration, or even the price that is truly marking the differences. It's the small details", states Castellanos. He also continues, "it is time now to reinforce training, because quite obviously, those that are best prepared are the ones that will have more opportunities".

Awards to the Promotion of Quality in the Restaurant Sector

Once again the National Federation of Dining Room Professionals has chosen those who have stood out in the promotion, through diverse formats, of excellence in the hotel and restaurant sector.
Laureates at this edition are:

Escuela Superior de Gastronomía, Hostelería y Turismo de Toledo, (College of Gastronomy, Hotel and Restaurant Sector and Tourism of Toledo) for their great work in the training of new professionals and, in particular, for their international scope. Rafael Ansón, for his impressive career and tireless work in the world of gastronomy. The 'Cátedra Ferrán Adriá' (Ferrán Adriá Chair) on Gastronomic Culture and Food Sciences of the University Camilo José Cela, for a first-level academic activity. The hotel chain Confortel Hoteles, for their enthusiastic work in search of quality and excellence. The communication group Intereconomía, for their determined wager on showing the best gastronomy in the media. Costa Cruceros, as a hotel establishment, for their new qualitative driving force, which has known how to provide a proposal that used to be considered elitist. José Carlos Capel, gastronomic critic for the daily newspaper El País, for his work on making the new Spanish cuisine known to all. Mª Dolores Cabezudo, Professor of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, for her research activity in the field of nutrition, and Juan Manuel Bellver, gastronomic critic of the daily newspaper El Mundo, for his very relevant and always constructive reviews.

The round table 'Quality and Excellence in Times of Crisis' and the Award Ceremony of the "Awards to the Promotion of Quality in the Restaurant Sector" will take place on May 6th, as of 17:00 hours, in Lecture Hall 2 in the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion.


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