Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The wine sector and the new CMO at a session organized by the UPA at FENAVIN

The Union of Small Farmers proposes serious reflection on the main problems that confront the world of wine in Spain

27.04.2009 | 

The National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN, which will take place at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion from May 5th to the 7th, will be hosting an interesting session that the Union of Small Farmers is organizing. The different exhibits and debates will be specifically developed throughout the morning of May 7th.

Once those attending have obtained their credentials, inauguration of the session will take place, the same to the account of Martín Moreno, Secretary General of the UPA-Ciudad Real; along with Lorenzo Ramos, Secretary General of the UPA and Carlos J. Escribano, Director General of Agriculture and Livestock Resources of the Ministry of Rural, Marine and Natural Environment.

Four lectures of diverse nature will follow the inauguration, which from different points of view will bring to light the main challenges faced by the Spanish wine sector in view of the current global economic situation. José Manuel Delgado, of the Federal UPA, will be the first to intervene, analyzing the impact that the recent implantation of the new CMO on wine has in Spain. José Antonio Gómez Barona, in representation of the State Agricultural Insurance Entity (ENESA), will then describe the delicate situation of agricultural insurance in the vineyard. The third lecture will be imparted by Domingo Valiente, Secretary General of FIVIN (Research Foundation for Wine and Nutrition), who will detail the European campaign 'Wine in Moderation' for the audience, with said campaign representing the commitment made by numerous countries of the continent to promote moderate consumption and the healthy values of wine. Finally, Rafael del Rey, Director General of the OEMV (Spanish Wine Market Observatory) will introduce this recently created agency to the audience, main objective of which is to provide all the sector agents with the best possible information for the taking of market decisions.

This is the moment when the real debate will kick-off, which is the 'Present and Future of the Spanish Wine Sector', in which Miguel Briz, Technical Adviser of the General Sub-Directorate for Fruits, Vegetables, Olive Oil and Vitiviniculture of the Ministry of Rural, Marine and Natural Environment will be participating; along with Francisco Martínez Arroyo, of the General Directorate for Agricultural Production (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Castilla-La Mancha); Ramón Sáez Gómez, Secretary for Agriculture of the UPA-CLM and Cecilio González Blasco, President of the Manchuela Denomination of Origin Regulation Council, with all of them being moderated by Eusebio Fernández, Representative of the Federal UPA.

Once the main conclusions of the debate have been put on the table, the session will be closed by Nemesio de Lara, President of the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real and FENAVIN; along with Julián Morcillo, Secretary General of the Castilla-La Mancha UPA and José Luís Martínez Guijarro, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha.