Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN offers an in-depth view of the world of distribution and wine sales in the United States

Paul Wagner, President of ‘Balzac Communications & Marketing’ and recognized expert, will be analyzing the North American market in detail

22.04.2009 | 

This presentation of the analysis of the North American wine market forms part of the Program of Activities that is scheduled at the 5th National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN 2009, which is to take place at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion from May 5th to the 7th. During this presentation, Paul Wagner, who has been working in the sector since the beginning of the nineties, will be describing the current situation of one of the main markets for exporting of Spanish wines. And he will be doing so not so much from a legislative or structural point of view, but rather with a sociological approach, aimed at the opportunities that the immediate future puts forward.

Wagner's conference will focus on three fundamental elements. In the first place, the notable fact that, despite the current global economic situation, the United States wine market is actually growing at a fine rate. This is the largest market on the planet and the upward tendency of the sales has not at any time whatsoever been interrupted, in contrary fashion to what is happening in practically all other consumer and producer countries.

The second element to be considered is the cause of the first. The mentioned growth is a direct consequence of both the increase in the United States population, as well as a greater consumption of wine per capita. As asserted by Wagner, "these are two very important factors, and quite different in their behavior to that of most European countries".

There is no doubt that the most surprising of the three elements is the third one: most of the growth of the United States wine market is fed - and will continue to be fed - by the so-called 'Millennium Generation', represented by both sexes and with ages standing between 12 and 32. Currently there are 70 million of these young people in the United States, who are far more interested in wine than the generations that came before them.

Understanding the Consumer

The question that is now put forward is how to sell wine to this new generation. In Wagner's words: "they are young, they are fearless and they were born with a computer under their arm and an MP3 in their pocket. They do not accept the established traditions about wine, they are adventurous and they want to experience all sorts of new things".

"We must think how they think, act how they act and communicate how they communicate", Wagner categorically asserts. Thus a very interesting opportunity arises for the entire viticulture sector: "If we are capable of building interpersonal relationships with this brilliant generation through the new social means, then they will become the best ambassadors of wine and its brands for many years to come", the expert concludes.

The Future, Up Close

Paul Wagner is thrilled about his upcoming visit to FENAVIN -"this proves that the Trade Fair's organization understands that the future of wine resides in both marketing, as well as in viticulture and enology"-, and he assures us that he is touched by this award of "A Life Dedicated to Wine" that he will be receiving in Ciudad Real. He is convinced that Spain will hold a major role in the world of wine during, at least, the next ten years, thus the opportunity of visiting the National Trade Fair on Wine allows him to obtain a complete overview of the Spanish viticulture scene in one go and under one same roof: "At FENAVIN I will be able to see the future up close", he affirms.

Wagner is the President and Founder of 'Balzac Communications & Marketing', company with an extensive portfolio of national and international clients. He is also a University Professor in institutions of the United States and abroad, habitual collaborator in diverse specialized publications and recognized wine taster, as well as a member of juries in national and international competitions.