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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





At FENAVIN Casalobos will put forward "the impressions of a football player turned winemaker"

The experienced enologist Ignacio de Miguel will coordinate a round table in which three partners of the winery and former football players of the stature of José Miguel González (Michel), Rafa Martín Vázquez and Manuel Sanchís will be participating

21.04.2009 | 

"Casalobos, a Winning Team" is the title of the round table that the reputed enologist and partner of the winery, Ignacio de Miguel, will be coordinating and during which José Miguel González (Michel), Rafael Martín Vázquez or Manuel Sanchís, co-owners of the same winery, will be regaling FENAVIN with their impressions and experiences ever since they embarked on the viniculture adventure after hanging up their boots.

Ignacio de Miguel explains that this activity, through which they want to transmit the good fortune known to all of the Casalobos wine and the winery that elaborates the same, will in a dynamic, agile and communicative way focus on the opinions of their popular partners in that pertaining to the relationship between sports and wine, their impressions about the current "invasion of people from out of the sector turned winemakers", jokes de Miguel, and their experiences as winemakers.

In that regarding how he, as a professional of the sector for many years now, has seen the evolution of the winery's co-owners, he assures that those that have involved themselves the most in the project are also "far more respectful" when it comes time to criticize a wine, with the reason being that they are "now aware of the effort" it takes to make wine.

In as far as participation in the International Trade Fair on Wine is concerned, Ignacio de Miguel is quite clear on the matter, "FENAVIN is the most efficient trade fair in the sector in Spain" thanks to how "wonderfully it is managed", allowing numerous professional contacts and businesses to take off, "which is exactly the idea".

Wish Letter to the Three Wise Men

Casalobos saw the light because several friends and lovers of football decided they wanted to set-up a business together, finally opting to establish a winery. For de Miguel the fact that the winery was born free of any prior determining factors turned it "into a blank sheet of paper" to which each one of those involved added characteristics that were necessary or appealing for the project: type of estate, land, location, communications... "It was like writing a wish letter to the Three Wise Men, and lo and behold it turned out that they brought us what we wished for".

Thus they established their headquarters in what used to be a communal estate in Picón (Ciudad Real), which gathered together all the necessary characteristics for the elaboration of the type of wine they wanted to make, "one single wine, modern, fruity, powerful, elegant, highly appealing and to many...", the enologist underscores.

Design of the winery was undertaken following the process of planting the vines, which was carried out with due respect for the Holm Oaks dotting the landscape. Architects from the Sancho Madridejos Studio were responsible for carrying out the design, combining esthetic aspects with compliance to de Miguel's and the engineers' technical requirements because "we must not forget that the main objective of the winery is to actually make wine". The result has been "a very comfortable building to work in, which is very important", apart from being a building that has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious international Prtizker Architecture Prize.