Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Rafael Puyó: "FENAVIN is the perfect meeting point to promote and give value to our wine products"

The General Secretary of CEVINUM, Consorcio Empresarial Vitivinicola de España (Spain’s Wine Business Consortium), expresses his full support for the Fair, which is to be the setting for the national assemblies of its respective associations

06.04.2009 | 

Once again, Spain's Wine Business Consortium, CEVINUM (AVIMES, AEMZU, ASEVICAMAN, AEMZUCAMAN, etc.), will take part in the 5th National Wine Fair, FENAVIN 2009, which is to be held from May 5th to 7th in the Ciudad Real Exhibition Center.

The General Secretary of these associations, Rafael Puyó, considers that "FENAVIN has been a very successful enterprise by Nemesio de Lara, President of the fair, José María Barreda, President of Castile La Mancha, and Manuel Juliá, its creator. Their commitment has become a reality of international scope that, every time it is held, involves the attendance of a growing number of importers and consumers who are fully dedicated to the variety in the different categories of grape musts and juices, wines, brandies and other related products shown at the fair. In this way, the event becomes a melting pot of diversity and quality with competitive prices, all of which are valued by the potential buyers," he explains.

He also believes that "FENAVIN shows the traceability and qualitative guarantees of Spanish wine products, their ISO standardization and their certification by means of qualified, external control instruments that assure importers and consumers of the reliability of the labeling of the wine and wine-related products they are acquiring and consuming."

Therefore, CEVINUM congratulates the initiative taken: "We have fully supported it from the very beginning and we will continue to support it from our national and regional associations, since it is an excellent meeting point to inform, promote and valorize our wine and wine-related products. The FENAVIN framework is also a great place to attract and convince an ever growing number of importers, consumers and users."

The General Secretary also believes that Ciudad Real and Castile La Mancha companies optimize FENAVIN thanks to the immediate access to their respective stands and the immediacy involved in showing wineries and facilities to potential importers.

He also points out that "Ciudad Real is becoming a center with immediate access to Madrid thanks to its excellent communications with the high-speed train and the airport." This connection with Madrid, an international business center, means that Ciudad Real wineries and facilities have immediate access to meetings with all kinds of wine industry clients who are looking for an immediate and efficient way of handling their business trips and visits to wineries and wine-growing facilities.

Therefore, Puyó states that "Ciudad Real should maintain its renowned friendliness and openness with all the exhibitors and visitors, who mean a major economic boost to this town during those important days in May."

CEVINUM's expectations for FENAVIN

As regards CEVINUM's expectations for FENAVIN, Puyó says that "we are sure that at our various general assemblies we will assess the change that has occurred in the regulatory mechanisms of the Common Organization of the Market in Wine."

According to CEVINUM's general secretary, "Spain has lost the warehousing, the export refunds and the subsidies for transforming grape must into grape juice, and these real losses are obstacles for the present 2008/2009 campaign, spoiling business opportunities with the inexcusable delay of the State Development Provisions for the reforms involved in EU rules.

Furthermore, he points out that "FENAVIN will involve proper debates regarding real, present-day needs in terms of our promotion and uniformity in publicizing all the Spanish wine categories, in view of the exclusion of, for example, our 'grape musts/juices', our 'wine vinegars' and many wine D.O.'s, which seem to play in a different league from our four magnificent wines with an 'R'."

FENAVIN, in Puyó's judgment, will create a favorable atmosphere for these debates, "which concern us at the industry's professional organizations, since it has taken so long for them to be dealt with accordingly, and always behind closed doors. However, the other producing and exporting countries know our deficiencies, our digressions and our slowness, and, obviously, this works in their favor. Therefore, we should pay attention to productive government actions and statistics instead of useless ones."

Finally, he believes, thinking in terms of exports, "FENAVIN will bring together a greater number of professional importers and visitors and will promote more contacts between them and our sellers and exporters. All the business carried out at FENAVIN will be what the winemakers and grape must or vinegar producers deserve and it will be due to FENAVIN's ever more robust organization. We at the Wine Business Consortium will continue to support the fair as effectively as possible."