Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The top German opinion leaders regard "FENAVIN's tranquility and good organization" as key factors in the pursuit of more and better business than at Alimentaria and Intervin

FENAVIN’s organizers meeting with journalists in Neustadt

FENAVIN’s organizers meeting with journalists in Neustadt

Seven journalists from the most important German specialized media believe that Fenavin is the "the great Spanish wine showcase"

19.02.2009 | 

The top opinion German leaders in the wine sector have acknowledged these days that features like "tranquility and good organization" at the National Wine Fair FENAVIN, whose fifth edition will be held in Ciudad Real from the 5th to the 7th of may, are fundamental aspects "to encourage the development of more and better business than in great trade fairs such as Alimentaria and Intervin.

This is how it was stated specifically by Jürgen Mathäß, editor in chief in leave of absence of the Weinwirtschaft Magazine and one of Europe's most highly regarded experts, at one of the work meetings held this week in Neustad and Magunce (Germany) between the director of the National Wine Fair, Manuel Julià and the seven German journalists, top opinion leaders and experts in wine. During these meetings, they got to know the main new features of the Fair's fifth edition.

Under Mathäß's point of view, the excessive number of exhibitors and visitors to the above mentioned fairs Alimentaria and Intervin, added to other circumstances such as that the "the main person in charge of the cellars is never present at the stands losing thus a possibility of doing business with a potential customer, or the traffic and access problems to the venues, make big "monsters" out of these fairs in which the real possibility of doing business is diluted".

On the other hand, Jam Bertram, editor in chief of Wein+Markt, another great German magazine, defines FENAVIN as a "professional fair for professionals that right now is the main showcase for the Spanish offer". Furthermore, he praises the good image that the professionals who visit it take back to their countries.

Others like Hermann Pilz, current editor in chief of Weinwirtschaft; Kristine Bäder, second editor in chief of Sommelier Magazine (The Official newsletter of the German Sommelier Union); Barbara Rademacher, editor of Getränke Zeitung; Felicity Carter, editor in chief of Meininger's Wine Business International and Franz Jürgen Haas, editor of WW, all agree in emphasizing the suitability of the goal aimed at by FENAVIN's organization of keeping the balance between supply and demand, that is to say, between the number of exhibitors and buyers, "because if this balance is broken, the fair would lose its great capacity for generating business", claims Pilz.

"FENAVIN, fundamental to give a boost to the wines of Ciudad Real and Castilla-La Mancha"

These journalists, whose publications print over 45,000 issues monthly, point out that the consumption of Spanish wine in Germany is very important and that the wines with Appelation of Origin, such as La Mancha, Valdepeñas or Manchuela, are making "very interesting things". Likewise, they are convinced that the "work carried out by FENAVIN in order to widen the recognition of the wines produced in Ciudad Real and Castilla-La Mancha is fundamental".

"There is a great respect for the potential of FENAVIN ever since Prowein"

FENAVIN's delegate for Germany, Barbara Wehowsky, points out that since Prowein, the world's most important wine fair, "there is a great respect for FENAVIN's potential" and anticipates that two months prior to the opening of the fair, attendance has been confirmed by 36 German buyers, a group made up of agents for large shopping malls, distributors for large shopping malls, agents for specialized shops, importers and the press.

Among the confirmed German visitors, the participation of three of the country's major distributors is expected, according to the specialized magazine Weinwirtschaft, as well as the main chain of specialized shops, Jacques´ Wein-Depot. Besides, the delegation expects to confirm shortly the visit of more companies included in this Top 10 list.

As an illustrative example, Jacques´ Wein-Depot presents the business figures of over 100 million euros, which represents 54% of the total business volume of the ten main retailers in the country.

With these figures, Wein+ Markt's Jam Bertram claims that "90% of the German distribution market" would be present at FENAVIN, something that he regards as "a smashing summoning success".