Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The Wine Gallery, FENAVIN's great showcase, will grow in this edition to hold 1200 brands from around the whole country

Ángel Amador, Nemesio de Lara, Luis Díaz-Zarco, Miguel Ángel Calama and Manuel Juliá during the signing of the Agreement with Caja Rural

Ángel Amador, Nemesio de Lara, Luis Díaz-Zarco, Miguel Ángel Calama and Manuel Juliá during the signing of the Agreement with Caja Rural

Caja Rural de Ciudad Real will sponsor this business tool, one of the pillars of FENAVIN's smooth functioning, as is likewise the case with other complementary activities

09.12.2008 | 

The Wine Gallery, the great showcase of the National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN, will grow this year to hold 1200 bottles that will be perfectly identified, prepared and under optimal temperature conditions for the national and foreign purchasers' tasting sessions. That is to say, practically all the brands that the exhibitors will have on display in their stands between the dates of May 5th and 7th of 2009 will be present.

To develop this effective business tool, apart from other complementary activities during the trade fair, Caja Rural de Ciudad Real will also contribute with 90,160 Euros, as has been duly agreed-upon at the signing of the fifth collaboration agreement between FENAVIN and the cooperating institution. A signature that was placed by the President of the Provincial Government and of the trade fair, Nemesio de Lara, alongside the signature of Luis Díaz-Zarco of the Caja Rural, and this also in the presence of the fair's Institutional Coordinator Ángel Amador, the Director General of the savings bank, Miguel Ángel Calama and the Director of the trade fair, Manuel Juliá.

According to the words of Nemesio de Lara, President of the Provincial Government and of the Trade Fair, "a bigger Wine Gallery will allow us to generate even more business, which is the main objective behind this fair".

De Lara has underscored the fact that Caja Rural has, yet another year, been the first to sign an agreement with the trade fair, something that according to that specified by de Lara is certainly not by chance. In addition, with this gesture, "the presidency of the provincial institution and FENAVIN want to acknowledge the permanent disposition and sensitivity that they have always found in Caja Rural and in its management".

Díaz-Zarco: "We are supporting one of the best wine trade fairs in the world"

On his part, Luis Díaz-Zarco, has shown himself to be very satisfied with this collaboration, which has intensified in both editions held of ESPAÑA ORIGINAL and in this edition of FENAVIN. "We are supporting one of the best wine trade fairs in the world, and this in a land in which we also have the best wines in the world", he affirmed.

In his opinion, FENAVIN is the ideal tool so that the wines of the province and of the region can be made known, and not only beyond the borders of our country, but even within the Spanish market. "Because despite representing 50% of the national production, we do not actually enjoy this representation in the country's commercial establishments and restaurants, and this is precisely the direction in which our efforts should also be aimed," he states.

The Gallery, an instrument to optimize the work of the professionals

The main objective behind the Wine Gallery is to ensure that professional visitors will enjoy a comfortable and calm space where they can first try the wines they are interested in without having to cover the different pavilions and being able to first get familiar with and select the products they find the most attractive.

To each wine will correspond an index card, in Spanish and English, with all relevant information about the win e - tasting note, origin, varieties, type of elaboration, price...- and with the location of the corresponding winery's stand at the trade fair.

In addition, in like manner to the rest of the fair, there will be various computer terminals set-up within the Wine Gallery premises with direct access to FENAVIN 2009's Business Searcher.

This extraordinary tool, accessible from both the trade fair's web site,, as well as from the computers that are distributed throughout the different pavilions, will allow all those interested in purchasing wine to prepare their visit to the trade fair sufficiently in advance with all the necessary details.