Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





AVIMES and ASEVICAMAN have once again held their Executive Board Meetings at FENAVIN

10.05.2007 | 

The Regional Association of Wine Entrepreneurs of Castilla-La Mancha, ASEVICAMAN and its national equivalent AVIMES, have held their Executive Board Meetings within the frame of the 4th National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN 2007, the same presided over by José Sánchez, Director General of Vinartis.

During ASEVICAMAN's meeting the subject of interprofessional agencies of Castilian-Manchego denominations of origin La Mancha and Valdepeñas was dealt with, for which this association represents the majority of companies.

According to Rafael Puyó, Secretary of AVIMES and ASEVICAMAN, "our organization has 6 representatives in La Mancha, as opposed to CECAM, which has two. In the Interprofessional agency corresponding to Valdepeñas we count with 9 as opposed to one from the others, which is a logical representation in accordance to the liters that are sold, thus we are wagering on continuing with this legitimate representation".

ASEVICAMAN's desire is that this system of representation, previously agreed-upon with the companies in the interprofessional agencies, will continue, although "apparently there are some people in the regional government that are defending another type of representation, illegitimately sharing out power that does not correspond, and following a criteria that in our opinion is anything but fair", added Rafael Puyó.

The matter of the Common Market Organization of Wine was also covered during AVIMES' Executive Board Meeting, because this Association supports the European Parliament's report. "We want a transitory period from 2008-2011 so that the current regulation mechanisms in distillations, wine and must storage, etc. will be maintained".