Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN has hosted the 3rd National Championship of Restaurant Master Professionals

The National Federation of Restaurant Professionals has organized the contest, and it has raised great interest amongst the large audience

09.05.2007 | 

This afternoon the 3rd National Championship of Restaurant Professionals, "Julián Luna Trophy", has taken place at FENAVIN 2007, which is celebrated in Ciudad Real from May 7th to the 10th. The National Federation of Restaurant Professionals has organized the Championship and it has turned out to be one of the most popular activities at the trade fair. At the contest nine contestants from different provinces and regions have executed a dozen tests related with the elaboration and presentation of dishes and the art of serving them at the table.

The world of Restaurant Professionals has thus proven its prominence with this third championship, in which professionals from Galicia, Segovia, Aragón, Málaga, Balearic Islands, Madrid, Toledo, Gran Canaria and México have participated. This event, which has been created by and for Restaurant Professionals, has also counted with a wine bottle uncorking contest, sponsored by the Catalan Cork Institute. The remaining tests have consisted in preparation of a service, with the contestants assembling, decorating and explaining the menu; cocktails for two persons; decanting, tasting and serving of red wine; ham carving (classic cut and free style cut). Apart from this a series of deserts have been prepared, right in front of the audience, specifically consisting in California Style Grapefruit and meats, FENAVIN Style Kidneys. Then, twelve national denomination of origin cheeses have been identified; an Irish coffee has been prepared; carving, distribution and presentation of smoked salmon and a final professional ability test. In this last test the participants had to answer a series of questions formulated by the jury, the same related with situations that arise in the profession, such as customer attention, claims and complaints, changing of dishes and possible suggestions; use of professional and adequate vocabulary was also assessed.

Mariano Castellanos, President of the Spanish Association of Maîtres and Waiters of Spain, has commented that this event is gaining in importance year after year. Proof of this has been the large audience that has gathered in the exhibition area of the Championship, in the Dionisos Gallery, which started at 3 in the afternoon and continued during four hours.

The winner of the Trophy, which represents the function of the Restaurant Professional in the shape of the tools they use, that is to say, a burner and a frying pan, methods that are used to prepare dishes right in front of the client, has been Avelino García Ribero, from Segovia. García will also be representing Spain in the World Championship that will take place in Mexico.

Nacho Costoya Eyo, from Galicia has been the runner up, with the third place corresponding to Jésus Pérez Badul, from Zaragoza. The winner of the wine bottle uncorking contest has been José Manuel Cosme, from Madrid.

This third edition of the Championship has been open to professionals from restaurants and hotels and to students and graduates of Restaurant Colleges (not including professors), whose ages stood between 22 and 45.

The participants were also to represent a Provincial or Regional Association of Restaurant Professionals registered in the National Federation of Restaurant Professionals. The jury, composed by persons who were qualified to score the tests (Restaurant professionals, college professors, members of restaurant professional associations, special guests from the restaurant trade and gastronomy journalists), had been previously chosen from amongst the representatives of the restaurant and catering world. Each Association that was present at the Championship included a Jury President at each table and for each test.

The Award Ceremony for the National Championship contestants, as well as the National Awards of the National Federation of Restaurant Professionals to quality in the restaurant world took place during the Gala Dinner that was celebrated in the evening.