Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019






The Secretary General of the Spanish Wine Federation has offered the conference "Education for moderation"

09.05.2007 | 

Today the Secretary General of the Spanish Wine Federation, Pau Roca, has offered the conference "Education for Moderation" within the frame of the National Trade Fair on Wine. Roca has forecasted very satisfactory results for this fourth edition of FENAVIN. Alfonso Monsalve, President of the Provincial Association of Viticulture Entrepreneurs, has accompanied him.

According to the Secretary General, "FENAVIN has started to acquire greater importance, consolidating itself over time. From its very beginnings FENAVIN's line of action has been crystal clear, perseveringly following the same, and in the end this is what truly renders good results. FENAVIN's management is quite clear in its ideas, handling the fair wonderfully and it has plans that are indeed going to be fulfilled. This year FENAVIN will obtain its best results ever, although it must continue to grow in a trade fair scope that is highly competitive".

He also added that "in that concerning contests and tasting sessions that take place in almost all fairs and also at FENAVIN, these are essential ingredients so that a wine fair will have the necessary nature that goes beyond a strictly professional scope. In this way bringing it closer to the consumer, although to a consumer that is already an expert or wishes to be an expert, and also to the specialized media and to the professional segments that act as a bridge with the consumer. These intermediaries or "pontiffs" in our sector (that is to say, those that "build bridges") are of utmost importance: writers, hotel owners, sommeliers, the publishers of guides, etc…"

Roca comments, now focusing on the theme of the conference, that "we are confronted with two prodigies that superimpose: on the one hand the high-speed decrease in consumption in the wine sector and on the other the increase in problems derived from alcohol - which is particularly serious in our country amongst the younger generation -. This tremendous paradox forces us to confront a hypothesis that we should be able to prove scientifically, and this is that when traditional consumption guidelines are left behind, behavior problems related with alcohol increase, that a decrease in wine can originate a problem of alcoholism, which is a paradox and provocative, yet data is more than eloquent".

He also assures that "of course this must be proven, and for the time being we have hints that educating in the consumption of wine might resolve the problems. Only wine has a very deep-rooted way of being consumed in our culture, and it is only the wine sector that communicates in such a way that an invitation to moderation is transmitted. We consider that an educational campaign aimed at the younger generation so that when they are older they will know how to consume walks hand-in-hand with wine's prominence. Many elements sustain this approach and we defend it".

Pau Roca then added, "the sector that drinks the most can in no case whatsoever attribute consumption of wine to itself. Only 8% of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 have ever consumed wine, and that is an alarming fact, because they are completely unaware of the product". Moreover, he concluded by saying that the only way to reach the younger public "continues to be with education within the bosom of the family".