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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019






New technologies must be employed with a practical sense, as useful tools to develop business abroad

08.05.2007 | 

Fernando Lumbreras Fernández, from the company Computer Contact, affirmed that "use of the Internet is fundamental for successful exporting of wine", the same at the conference imparted at FENAVIN 2007 and presented by Javier Vega, Director of Castilla-La Mancha's IPEX.

Currently application of information and communication technologies (TIC) in any business practically represents a necessity. If the idea is to reach the highest possible number of markets, then use of the Internet and electronic mail is absolutely essential. The possibilities that the Web offers are enormous for an exporter winery, given that much of the information that we must have for any internationalization activity can be found right at our finger tips, while in turn providing us with the opportunity to be heard in numerous forums.

The content of this conference has been eminently practical, as its objective has been aimed at correct use of the main search instruments to be found on the Internet and its main sources of information for wineries dedicated to exporting.

Amongst the activities that have taken place during this meeting in which the figures corresponding to Spanish wine exports in the last few years have been revised, the great possibilities offered by the web have also been presented. Practical examples involving useful information searches have been put on the table for the exporters, covering different web sites such as,, apart from other portals at the service of Spanish and Castilian-Manchego wineries such as 'plancameral'.

Found amongst the interesting information that the exporters can access we have market studies, reports on international trade fairs or reports covering wine promotion actions.

Those that were present had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Internet, the same under the slogan and according to Lumbreras' own words that "to enjoy important presence on foreign markets one must regularly be informed through the Internet". In like manner he reminded all those present that knowing about the web does not suffice, as we must also know our parting point based on the winery's profile and the objectives we wish to reach.

Fernando Lumbreras Fernández is a Law and Business Administration Graduate. Apart from collaborating with the ICEX and other outstanding institutions in matters involving training, he is the Tutor of the Foreign Promotion Initiation Plan (PIPE) of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Promoter of the PIPE in Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia and Castilla-León.

Computer Contact is a company dedicated to consulting and training in Foreign Trade, Exporting (wine sector), Internet and New Technologies affecting Foreign Trade and the Tourist Sector.