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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Two thousand people visit FENAVIN 2007’s Wine Gallery every day

Guests have a comfortable place available where they can try a thousand different brands of wine

08.05.2007 | 

Two thousand bottles of wine and one thousand brands are put back into service daily in the Wine Gallery at FENAVIN, National Trade Fair on Wine that has been taking place in the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Grounds since the past Monday and until the upcoming May 10th.

Perfectly lined up, under ideal temperature conditions and ready to be tasted by all the professionals visiting FENAVIN 2007. Vicente Sánchez-Migallón, Director of the Gallery, assures that since the fair was inaugurated, about two thousand people a day have passed through this area, and quite easily sixty-thousand glasses of wine have been served every single day.

The Wine Gallery is the great showcase of FENAVIN 2007, 4th National Trade Fair on Wine, as here can be found most of the brands that the exhibitors have on display at their stands. The main objective behind this splendid exhibit is to provide professional guests with a comfortable and peaceful area where they can first try the wines they are interested in, without having to run around all the different pavilions, thus enjoying the opportunity of first finding and selecting the products they find most attractive.

Normally, as soon as the Gallery opens, the first to arrive are the Japanese, with more foreigners arriving in the first hours of the morning, from around 10:00 to 12:00 hours. It is after this and until about two in the afternoon, when the Gallery closes, that the national purchasers and exhibitors start to arrive, as is likewise the case with entrepreneurs and restaurant professionals.

In as far as the wine that is selected the most is concerned, Sánchez-Migallón comments that he has noticed a certain tendency towards white wines, appreciating in this sense growing interest in the visitors in tasting and finding out about different brands of white wines.

Thanks to the Wine Gallery purchasers can carry out a thorough, interference-free sampling of the main wines on display at the trade fair and in consequence they can design an adapted and optimized program of visits to the selected exhibitors.

FENAVIN's Wine Gallery, -which saw the light during the trade fair's second edition- has been object of an important extension with regards to previous years. This has required an important logistic deployment to not only insure stock of each and every wine, but also in that pertaining to the ideal conditions for the tasting sessions. More than 60 persons handle the Gallery at FENAVIN 2007, taking care that everything is perfectly organized.

A complete list of wines can be requested at the Purchaser Information Point -found at the entrance to the Gallery- classified according to diverse criteria, including the different categories of wine on display and information about their location in the hall. Likewise inside the premises qualified personnel is ready to handle all possible doubts that purchasers may have, apart from putting bottles back into service and insuring constant availability of clean glasses.

An index card, in Spanish and English, is placed alongside each wine on display, with all relevant information about the wine in question -tasting note, origin, varieties, type of elaboration, price…- and with the exact location of the corresponding winery's stand in the trade fair premises. When purchasers enter the gallery they are given a notebook in which they can take all sorts of notes to adequately plan their subsequent business interviews.