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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"Use of the Internet in Wine Exporting", interesting conference to take place at FENAVIN 2007

New technologies are powerful tools for development of business abroad

22.04.2007 | 

Fernando Lumbreras Fernández, of the company Computer Contact, will be the lecturer at the conference "Use of the Internet in Wine Exporting" during FENAVIN 2007 -trade fair to take place from May 7th to the 10th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion.

Currently application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in any business whatsoever just barely comes short of being an absolute necessity. If the idea is to reach the maximum number of markets, then use of the Internet and electronic mail is essential. The possibilities that the web offers are enormous for any exporting winery, given that the web puts much necessary information at our reach, about almost any internationalization activity, while in turn providing the opportunity to be heard in innumerable forums.

The conference is put forward under an eminently practical sense. In Lumbreras' opinion, "the objective of the presentation is to instruct on correct use of the main search instruments to be found on the Internet and the main information sources for wineries that wish to export".

Various basic activities will be taking place during the conference that will be illustrating the possibilities of a means such as the Internet. After revising evolution of Spanish wine exports during the last few years, according to that commented by the lecturer "we will carry out statistical information searches covering wine exports and we will visit the main portals at the service of Spanish and Castilian-Manchego wineries (IPEX, ICEX, winesfromspain, plancameral,…) and we will also look for information that is relevant to the wine business in diverse countries. We will also have a look at market studies, international trade fair reports, wine promotion actions,… The basic idea is that those attending the conference can obtain practical and very clear ideas". A good part of the presentation will be dedicated to the approach and resolution of suppositions based on real winery cases that have led towards exporting. Finally the matter involving tax deductions will be dealt with, concentrating on companies with promotional export activities, matter that is not exactly of minor interest.

Fernando Lumbreras Fernández is a Law and Business Administration Graduate. Apart from collaborating with the ICEX and other outstanding institutions in matters involving training, he is also the Tutor for the Foreign Promotion Initiation Plan (PIPE) of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Promoter of the PIPE in Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia and Castilla-Leon.

Computer Contact is a company dedicated to consulting and training in Foreign Trade, Exports (wine sector), Internet and New Technologies dealing with Foreign Trade and the Tourist Sector.