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How to sell wine in Japan, according to the Japanese company Mottox’s Head of Marketing

Takeshi Kyoguchi will be lecturing on the positioning of Spanish wine in the Japanese market, the same within the frame of FENAVIN 2007

21.04.2007 | 

Takeshi Kyoguchi, Head of Marketing at the Japanese company MOTTOX will be lecturing on the positioning of Spanish wine in the Japanese market, the same within the frame of FENAVIN 2007, to take place from May 7th to the 10th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion.

During his chat Kyoguchi will be putting forward a brief general description of Japan in that pertaining to the wine market. He will also be elaborating an analysis on the positioning of Spanish wine in Japan, during which he will comment on traditional positioning; its evolution in the last few years, apart from talking about its future scope.


The Japanese company MOTTOX started direct importing in the year 1989 (up until then it had been doing so through trading), however, it was as of 1996 when the company became fully dedicated to importing and distribution of wines from France, Italy and Spain.

Particularly as of the year 1998, year when it opened its Tokyo office, the company's sales in imported wine grew exponentially to reach its current figure of 6,500 million Yens, equivalent to 85% of the company's total sales.

The name Mottox has acquired an increasingly more important presence, enjoying more recognition and extending throughout the country in Japan's wine sector.

The concept that guides the company is Value & Quality. The company understands that its mission is to contribute to Japan's gastronomic life, insuring that a great variety of quality wines from all over the world, each with its own unique personality, reach the highest possible number of people.


Takeshi Kyoguchi started working in Mottox in March of 1997. The Marketing section that he directs is in charge of proposing, planning and developing new products, importing, promotional plans, relations with the press, client attention window, etc. The company's main clients are the liquor stores.

Kyoguchi is mainly in charge of the part that corresponds to proposals, plans and development of new products, as well as promotional plans, although if his specific work is to be defined with one word, that word is "purchaser". In that referring to the areas that he deals with, these are mainly France, Spain, Australia, Chile, Argentina and South Africa. He has been in charge of Spanish wines ever since Mottox started importing them. At least once a year he travels to all those areas that he is responsible for, searching out and buying all sorts of new wines.