Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





At FENAVIN 2007 the Catalan journalist Jaume Font will be reflecting on the act of eating and drinking

He will be imparting the conference "Wine, Before, During and After Dining" at the National Trade Fair on Wine that will take place from May 7th to the 10th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion

12.04.2007 | 

The Catalan journalist Jaume Font, specialized in wine and gastronomy, will be reflecting on the act of eating and drinking, on the subtle combination of art and science that turns a biological need into a delight and pleasure for the senses. This act will take place during the conference "Wine, Before, During and After Dining", at FENAVIN 2007, from May 7th to the 10th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion.

Font explains that "it is quite logical that wine producers are concerned about everything related with the vine and with obtaining good and varied wines; that their wines will conquer the market and that consumers will learn to appreciate wine, disseminating information and holding tasting sessions. Thus the reason why trade fairs and congresses are essential in order to make the product known and to do business".

"All this and more is both logical and licit for the business and viniculture trade", he adds. "However, it is the whole, producer-intermediaries-consumer, that is actually facilitating the way for the consumer. On more than one occasion the consumer, the person who is finally trying the wine with a meal, is wallowing in a field of doubts", he manifests.

The journalist will explain what happens and what should not happen when we sit down at a table in a restaurant to delight in fine dishes accompanied by a fine wine.


Jaume Font is a journalist and gastronomic analyst. He has presented the program 'ALACENA' and the space 'Las Cosas del Comer' in the program 'Así Son las Cosas', and he has also covered the space on parties and gastronomic products in TVE's program "Corazón de…".

He has also presented the cooking and gastronomy program "Menjar Bé" for TVE in Catalonia; he has directed the weekly cooking program "El Bon Gust" for Girona Television and many other radio programs in Girona. And he has likewise written a diversity of articles related with the world of gastronomy and cooking, published in 'La Vanguardia', 'Correo Catalán' and in the magazines 'Club de Gourmets' and 'Bouquet".