Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Wine Under Debate: Current Situation and Tendencies of the sector at FENAVIN 2007

The current situation of the world of wine in Spain will be under debate from different perspectives

04.04.2007 | 

FENAVIN 2007 -to take place between May 7th and 10th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion- will count with an interesting debate included in its Program of Activities, during which many of the most important current topics for the Spanish viniculture sector will be discussed.

Organized by the 'Compañía del Vino, Negocio y Comunicación' (VNC-WBC) and moderated by Concha Crespo, journalist for Televisión Española, specialized in Wine and Gastronomy, the debate -to be held on May 7th, at 17:30 hours in the Auditorium- will be counting with the participation of representatives from the main institutions and collectives in the sector. Clemente Mata Tapia (General Deputy Director for Food and Agriculture Quality and Organic Agriculture, MAPA), Federico López Navarro (Director General for Food and Agriculture Markets, Department of Agriculture, JCCLM), Rafael del Rey (Director General of the Spanish Federation on Wine, FEV), José Luís Fernández Noriega (Director General of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Catering Trade, FEHR), Francisco José González (Director General of the 'Tierra de Viñedos' Foundation), Mario Rico (Export Manager and Shareholder in the 'Dominio de Tares' Group), Javier Gila (Sommelier), Javier Sánchez (Product Manager for 'Denomination of Origin Wines' at the 'Carrefour' Group), Santiago Peribáñez (Managing Director of the urban winery chain 'Vinus & Brindis') and César Balboa (Marketing Director for 'Vinnova - Market Studies') will take part of this event.

The main objective behind the debate is to provide the most extensive overview possible on red-hot matters in the wine-growing sector, based on the contrast between different perspectives that arise in the world of wine: administrations, unions, wine producers, sommeliers, large-scale distribution, specialized stores… and, of course, the attending public, who will be welcome to participate with their questions.

Included in the great lines of debate will be the guidelines covering consumption of wine in Spain, the crisis that the restaurant and catering trade is undergoing, relationship between consumers and wines, the wine boom in large-scale distribution and treatment of wine as food or as an alcoholic drink. Themes that are all open to controversy and of unquestionable importance for the future of the sector.

In absolute terms, consumption of wine in Spain is clearly on the downfall, however, in relative terms, in the domestic scope more quality wine is being consumed and this is taking place more frequently. This tendency was already clear before enforcement of the Driver's License Point System; thus, does the problem reside in the margins that restaurants have? What does the large-scale distribution sector have to say about this?

On the other hand, is wine a drink for adults? Is it possible to (or should we) attract a younger consumer, between the ages of 25 and 35? Should the type of marketing and ruling communication in the Spanish wine sector be revised, directing it towards 'ordinary' consumers in a more efficient manner?

Finally, how can stances that are clearly confronted be reconciled, referring to those who consider wine to be an alcoholic drink the same as any other and those who consider it should be treated as a healthy food that is integrated in the Mediterranean diet? Does an intermediate position exist, which is acceptable to all parts?

The debate 'Current Situation and Tendencies of the Wine Sector in Spain' will attempt to cover all these questions. At any rate, there is no doubt that the different points of view that outstanding participating experts will provide will be very enriching for the audience.