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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





John Radford: "Spanish wines are enjoying excellent penetration in the United Kingdom market"

According to the British journalist, who will be participating in the round table "Present and Future of Spanish Wines in Traditional Markets: Germany, United Kingdom and the United States", at FENAVIN 2007

31.03.2007 | 

The prestigious British journalist John Radford will be participating in the round table "Present and Future of Spanish Wines in Traditional Markets: Germany, United Kingdom and the United States", to take place between May 7th and 10th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion during the 4th edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN 2007.

According to the journalist, "the three Spanish wines that are purchased the most in the United Kingdom are Cava, Jerez and Rioja. Spain is now in the sixth position amongst countries exporting to the United Kingdom, right behind Australia, France, United States, Italy and South Africa".

Radford assures that "there is an excellent penetration in the wine market, with consumer prices standing at about £3.99 up, with quality wines standing between £4.99 and £5.99 enjoying great success".

He also mentions that one of the weaknesses of Spanish wine in the United Kingdom is that there are "too many low quality wines with prices of about £2.99, which does nothing to favor the good image of all of Spain's wines".


He also explains "the perception of the British consumer with regards to Spanish wine is that they are interesting wines that arouse enthusiasm. There is an excellent value for money in wines that are frequently consumed. For special occasions some may be rather costly (at a recent Master Class I gave for DECANTER tickets were sold out -94 persons- with wines averaging at a consumer price of about £15)".

He finally recommends that wineries wishing to enter or strengthen their commercial presence in the United Kingdom should be dedicated to: "promotion, promotion and promotion". This does not necessarily mean expenditures in advertisements and propaganda, but rather investigation of what British consumers are purchasing, identifying the consumers, focusing on specialized importers, on specialized wine writers and journalists, on tasting sessions. Obviously this represents more work than publicity does, however, in the long run this approach is probably cheaper".


John Radford, prestigious wine journalist at an international level, and considered to be one of the finest Anglo-Saxon connoisseurs of Spanish wine, is also a gastronomy writer and lecturer. Radford has published various books related with gastronomy and wine, habitually collaborating with specialized magazines such as "Decanter", one of the best magazines specialized in wine to be found in the world. He also works for other non-specialized magazines and newspapers such as "Everything Spain" and "Spain"; he is also a broadcaster for the BBC radio show "Breakfast Live in Sussex"; and he is Professor at the University of Brighton, in the United Kingdom and at the Beaune University in France. He has also presented the program "Rioja Wine Information Service".