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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The prestigious journalists John Radford, Gerry Dawes and David Schwarzwälder will be participating at FENAVIN 2007

John Radford, Gerry Dawes and David Schwarzwälder

John Radford, Gerry Dawes and David Schwarzwälder

In the round table "Present and Future of Spanish Wines in Traditional Markets: Germany, United Kingdom and United States"

08.03.2007 | 

In the upcoming month of May the prestigious British journalist John Radford and reputed American journalist Gerry Dawes will be participating in the round table "Present and Future of Spanish Wines in Traditional Markets: Germany, United Kingdom and United States", which is to be held within the frame of the National Trade Fair on Wine. The German wine journalist David Schwarzwälder will also be participating at this affair.

The speakers will cover the situation of Spanish wines in their respective markets; the strengths and weaknesses of Spanish wines in the United Kingdom, Germany and United States; as well as the perception that the final consumer in their markets has about Spanish wines. They will likewise be talking about the future of Spanish wines and wineries in their markets of origin. Finally they will also be advising those wineries that wish to penetrate and strengthen their commercial presence in the country.


John Radford, internationally acclaimed wine journalist and considered to be one of the most knowledgeable Anglo-Saxons in Spanish wines, is also a writer and spokesperson on gastronomy. Radford has published several books related with the world of gastronomy and wine, habitually collaborating with specialized magazines such as "Decanter", one of the best, specialized magazines in the world on wine. He also works for non-specialized magazines and daily newspapers such as "Everything Spain" and "Spain". He is the spokesman for the BBC radio show "Breakfast Live in Sussex"; and on top of all this he is a Professor at the University of Brighton, in the United Kingdom and of the University of Beaune in France. He also presents the program "Rioja Wine Information Service".

Gerry Dawes is an American writer and photographer who has been living and traveling through Spain for the last 30 years, thus having become one of the best connoisseurs of Spanish wine and gastronomy in the United States. Dawes is a columnist for the best American publications on wines, occasionally collaborating with daily newspapers such as "The New York Times".

On his part David Schwarzwälder works as a correspondent for the Editorial Group Meiniger, which publishes Weinwirtschaft (" economy of wines "), Weinwelt ("wine world") and Der Sommelier. He also imparts classes at the University of Geisenheim and at the Fachhochschule Wädenswil, the most important viticulturist universities in Germany and Switzerland. He will be presenting the first book published in Germany on Portuguese wines in the spring of 2007, in collaboration with the journalist Wolfgang Hubert. He currently lives in Salamanca and Alsace (France).


In the year 2005 the main importer countries of Spanish wines were Germany, in the first place (299,667,000 Euros); United Kingdom running second (266,889,100 Euros) and the United States in third place (159,161,700 Euros). In total these three countries were importing amounts reaching 727,717,800 Euros, representing 46.81% of the total of Spanish wine exports in the year 2005.