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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN has been consolidated as a business referent for Spanish wine

The fourth edition will be held from May 7th to 10th at the Trade Fair Pavilion in Ciudad Real.

27.04.2006 | 

FENAVIN, National Wine Trade Fair, which will be holding its fourth edition at the Trade Fair Pavilion in Ciudad Real from May 7th to 10th of 2007, has been consolidated as a business referent for Spanish wine.

Therefore, it is obviously to be highlighted that FENAVIN has become the monographic trade fair of reference for Spanish wine. The information covering assistance and business demonstrate this fact.

789 wineries were present from all over the national territory at FENAVIN 2005. 24,512 professionals were accredited and 627 mass media units.

725 international purchasers operated from Ciudad Real, responding to FENAVIN's call and executing a total of 21,369 commercial contacts.

This information means that FENAVIN, in its third edition, managed to deploy impressive professionalization and a rapprochement to the sector's real needs. And thus it has been recognized by the sector itself, not only in the national section, but also in the international one.

The upcoming FENAVIN edition will also be a success, given that the basic pillars of the National Wine Trade Fair will be maintained and even greater depth will be given to them: business and professionalism.


The past edition of FENAVIN represented its consolidation as a business referent in the sector, given that two client-obtaining programs were carried out: international purchasers and national purchasers.

In the international purchasers program 367 purchasers participated directly, that is to say, were managed from the Business Center, which added to the 358 that were registered and assisted on their own, amounted to a total of 725 international purchasers visiting FENAVIN.

The assistance of 385 purchasers from diverse sectors was handled with the national purchasers program: purchasing centers, distributors, hotel chains, restaurant chains, etc.

The new FENAVIN 2007 edition will be reproducing the same Business Center schematic as in the three previous editions, without introducing any revolutionary elements, which proves that the fair operates with practical and realistic approach.

From its very beginnings FENAVIN has always wagered on a clear vocation of professionalization for the sector, on international projection, promotion of the Spanish wine offer and continuous improvement of the trade fair.

The Business Center is an ideal space of privacy so that importers and Spanish wineries can bring their positions together, reach commercial agreements and make our wines known in every last corner of the world. An extensive range of services aimed at the exhibitor so that the same can start, extend and consolidate their presence on international markets, with the support of technical and human means, thus favoring and making commercial transactions possible.

Likewise, as in previous editions, a national purchaser-obtaining program has been established, linked to promotion of the trade fair in this sector, as well as to facilitate and insure assistance of the purchasing representatives from chain supermarkets, distributors and specialized stores.


During the past edition the complementary factor of the Business Searcher and Wine Gallery facilitated the work of the purchasers visiting FENAVIN. With the help of the Business Searcher the purchasers were able to previously select the wineries to be visited, subsequently visiting the Wine Gallery where they also had the chance to first taste the wines, thus visiting the exhibitor's stand with prior knowledge about the product.

This innovative tool, which is of great interest for purchasers of Spanish wine, can be consulted on the trade fair's web site With this search engine one criterion or various can be selected to search out the exhibitor that is represented at the trade fair. If the purchaser is interested in a specific winery, this can be outlined in the search engine and the name will immediately appear, as is the case with the stand and the pavilion where the same is located.

Likewise, information can be completed by clicking on the winery link, where a technical index card can be found, along with the area and volume of production, product that is commercialized and relevant data for the Business Center, that is to say: countries that are the objective at this FENAVIN edition and the objective distribution channels.

At FENAVIN 2007 the Business Searcher will be developed over two points of view: first, likewise indicating the location of the winery in the Wine Gallery; and second, by distributing computers throughout the trade fair that will exclusively contain the Business Searcher so that purchasers can consult their preferences.


The Wine Gallery, in like manner to every year, will be located in the Dionisos Pavilion and its objective is to facilitate wine tasting sessions for the professionals visiting the trade fair. Thus visitors, without any need for third persons intervening, will be able to taste any of the brands of wine that the exhibitors have on display.

The visitor will have the opportunity to taste the wine and in a notebook that will be given to them when they enter the Wine Gallery they will be able to annotate all the information they want, information that will be found on display alongside the wine. This will be basic information about each one of the brands, such as the denomination of origin, year, proprietor of the winery, location of the stand, period of time in bottle or cask, production amount and, of course, retail sales price.

Thus, any visitor who is interested can directly visit the stand where the wine is being offered in order to consult or carry out negotiations with the representative of the specific winery or cooperative.