Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN 2005 contributed to 20.000 business contacts

Compared to 2003 the trade show has registered 187% more foreign professional buyers.

The president of the National Wine Fair highlights 12 companies have cooperated with the organization and 11 of them are from the province.

12.05.2005 | 

The National Wine Fair contributed to 20.000 business contacts of which 1.648 through the Business Center. These are data supplied by the president of FENAVIN, Nemesio de Lara, who has qualified the event as "The wine fair of Spain, for Spain and for the world".

From Ciudad Real 725 international buyers have worked, which means FENAVIN has directly attracted 325 of them, aside the work done by the organization with the help of the Chamber of Commerce and the Castilla - La Mancha Institute for External Promotion. To be more specific, there was a 187% more international buyers compared to 2003.

In the ranking of contacts per country controlled by the Business Center, the Czech Republic comes first, followed by Germany, Poland, Belgium, United Kingdom and Japan. For De Lara, the sixth position of Japan has a "very important symbolic meaning", because FENAVIN went to Japan to attract Japanese importers. Notwithstanding, the professionals who negotiated preliminary agreements were from the United States.

De Lara, together with the Institutional Coordinator and the Director of the Fair, Ángel Amador and Manuel Juliá, respectively, made a balance of FENAVIN 2005 and showed satisfaction as "results are well above forecast". "This happens when the planning is well done and every activity of the fair is under control".

After stating that, for four days, Ciudad Real has become the wine capital of the World, "because foreign professionals were everywhere", he pointed out 789 wineries had been present, 173 more than last time. He also mentioned 24.500 professional accreditations, the opening of 8.500 bottles in the Wine Gallery and the use of 25.000 glasses.

Other data are related to the parallel activities at the Fair. More specifically, 39 of those took place and 2.350 people participated whereas the Innovation Room was visited by 1.360 people.


De Lara revealed data of the survey the organization carried out with the exhibitors. From the interviews there is a lot of satisfaction. The highlights: professionalism and bigger and better offer. But, the Wine Gallery, where during the four days of the trade show 8.500 bottles were opened and 250.000 glasses used, was the most praised of all. "This feature was described as formidable, excellent and incomparable compared to similar initiatives in other countries."

De Lara, made clear that FENAVIN supports and defends Spanish wines, and he proudly said the event was possible thanks to the work of many people who have been part of the organization led by Manuel Juliá, its director. Workers from the Provincial Government and others hired through 12 companies, in all 264 people. He stressed the fact that only one of these companies was not from Ciudad Real, namely the one handling simultaneous translation. "This shows clearly that this was possible thanks to our people, and corroborates that, if we want to, we can do such things" and then he added "miracles exist and they are possible with hard work".

De Lara thinks FENAVIN is a clear example of solidarity with the rest of Spain, as it is about defending a sector, the wine sector, which is suffering a national crisis. "We are defending the wines of Spain" he stated.

Other data supplied by the president of FENAVIN are: 627 accredited journalists, 213 of them visited the press room and there were 36.250 professional visitors.


De Lara, said tomorrow we start to work on FENAVIN 2007, and he stated Ciudad Real will permanently become the wine capital "because there are new projects already hanging over our heads". And after publicly praising Ángel Amador for his work as institutional coordinator, he did not want to conclude without first thanking the sponsors of the event, the regional government Executive, joined this year by the Ministry of Agriculture.


The president of FENAVIN concluded his speech, reiterating the need to build another Trade Show Center in Ciudad Real, as he has been mentioning since January. This new building should be adapted to such events as the National Wine Fair. "We will make this project a reality, from the Provincial Government, we will promote it and we know we will have the Government of Castilla - La Mancha backing us" said De Lara and he announced work is already being done on the functional plan.