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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Fernando Morales: "In hypermarkets customers look for 3 aspects in wine: sensorial, emotional and social"

According to the manager of Grupo Eroski in Ciudad Real during the talk "Wine sales in hypermarkets".

12.05.2005 | 

Fernando Morales, manager Grupo Eroski in Ciudad Real stated that "customers in hypermarkets looks for three aspects in wine: sensorial, emotional and social".

Customers like a good wine to relax and they want emotional sides in their lives", he added.

This was Fernando Morales statement this morning during the conference "Wine sales in hypermarkets" that he held with Laura Huertas, wine purchaser and buyer in another hypermarket. Both were accompanied by Eduardo González, General Manager of "Castilla - La Mancha Land of Vineyards Foundation".

Fernando Morales talked about the evolution of the wine sector and its weight in the hotel trade, in supermarkets, and about the wine customer in the latter. Morales highlighted the customer wants quality. "Customers abandon table wine for the appellations" he said.

The manager of Grupo Eroski in Ciudad Real explained that within the wine category in the hypermarkets "we have two main differences: the winery with appellations and table wine"

Surveys show customers want the setting by color and within this, per appellation and price range. Customers in hypermarkets are not experts, they trust appellations, for them hypermarkets are a shelter".


As for Laura Huertas she focused on the relation between winemaker and distributor both in the demand and offer sphere of activity.

Huertas added "we need efficient promotions with suppliers, know how they buy, how much and what our customer wants"

Lastly she said "we need an open information and communication channel between customer and distributor".