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Spanish quality wines are particularly appreciated in Swedish restaurants

For Andreas Larsson, Best European Sommelier

11.05.2005 | 

High quality Spanish wines are particularly appreciated by consumers in Swedish restaurants according to the Swedish sommelier, writer and wine critic, Andreas Larsson, who participated in the seminar "the wine scene in Swedish restaurants" held this morning in FENAVIN.

Andreas Larsson, considered best European sommelier, who is also a wine writer and critic, was awarded the Ruinart Trophy 2004. He advised winemakers present in FENAVIN to "try to show the quality of their wine as quality will make them famous". To enter the restaurant channel in Sweden is an alternative channel for Spanish exporters who have difficulties in penetrating the market of the Scandinavian monopoly. That is the reason why producers must have people who can play the role of ambassadors of their wines, showing Swedish restaurant owners the true excellence of their wines, through wine tasting events and similar.

Furthermore, the Swedish sommelier stated "the Swedish consumer links drinking wine with a high social status characterized by sophistication, power and knowledge" which is very encouraging for high quality Spanish wines. They have a great future in Sweden. That is why Larsson advises Spanish producers to work hard in maintaining the identity of their wines, which is quite recognized and is in accordance with the demands of Swedish restaurant owners who look for wines with history, sense, quality, purity and rich tastes which match the type of food cooked in restaurants.

In this respect, the deep-rooted influence of wines from the Old World in Swedish consumers as opposed to the emerging wines from countries belonging to the New World like Argentina, Chile and South Africa is an advantage for Spanish wine, especially for new wineries with a specialized production like estates, recent appellations of signature wines that are limited in production, with special characteristics and with great quality or organic wines.

For Larsson, "Spain has a future. I believe producers should try to preserve the identity of their wines and do their best to promote them, insisting on added value like distinction, handmade production, history, or the culture the wine is representing to turn it into an exclusive product." He stated.