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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Wines of the future PGI "Campo de Calatrava" were very successful with the audience in FENAVIN

Iñaqui Cano and Miguel Ángel Valverde, hosted the event

11.05.2005 | 

The well known TVE journalist Iñaqui Cano and the president of the association "Asociación para el Desarrollo Campo de Calatrava" (Association for the Development of Campo de Calatrava), Miguel Ángel Valverde, who handles funds from the PRODER II program, presented at 12.00 hours today wines of the future Indicación Geográfica Protegida (PGI) (Protected Geographical Indication) "Campo de Calatrava". The most important cooperatives and wineries in this municipality are involved in this project.

This event counted on the presence of the vice-president of the Regional Government, Victoria Sobrino, the government delegate of Agriculture of the Community Council Esteban Esquinas; the provincial president of Asaja, Florencio Rodríguez, several mayors and councilors from the region, producers, winemakers, oenologists and professionals from the sector, apart from the people in charge in the involved cooperatives and wineries: Cooperativa Virgen de las Nieves (Almagro), Cooperativa Oleovinícola del Campo de Calatrava (Bolaños), Bodegas Naranjo (Carrión de Calatrava), S.C. Agrícola Ganadera de Miguelturra, Bodegas Moralia (Moral), Bodegas Jacinto Jaramillo (Torralba), and Cooperativa Vinícola del Carmen, de Pozuelo.

Cano traveled through time and gave us an account of the history of the area, going back several centuries BC and, in his words, the Association Campo de Calatrava has recovered from the oblivion where it had been buried for decades, this rich wine tradition to offer excellent quality wines within an open project, which does not exclude anyone, and where all wine producing companies related with Campo de Calatrava are welcome.


The president of the Asociación para el Desarrollo Campo de Calatrava, Miguel Ángel Valverde, thanked everybody present for their support and he highlighted they have been working for two years on this project - for which proceedings have started - with a lot of hopes and effort. Valverde requested all the state bodies concerned to cooperate in order to turn this project into a reality in the shortest possible term, as even lands outside the territory of Campo de Calatrava County Council have joined the project.

According to Valverde, today's event was of vital importance. In the Calatrava Cultural Park the very professionals decided that the food and agriculture sector was vital for the development of the municipalities, and there they started the creation of the PGI for wines and oils.

For the president of the Association, who invited professionals to "join this project", the area has a great potential for making its wines, it is resourceful and attractive.


The presentation concluded with tasting of white and red wines by the president of the "Castilla - La Mancha Association of Tasters and Oenologists", Félix Delgado Blázquez, who highlighted the quality of both and insisted upon the importance to value the great quality young wines which are being produced.