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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Producers of musts and grape juice are very concerned about the reform of the Common Organization of Agricultural Markets

Román Cantarero, president: "vine is one of our main economic and ecological engine".

11.05.2005 | 

The Asociación Española Empresarial de Transformadores - Comercializadores - Exportadores de Mostos y Zumos de Uva (Spanish Association of businessmen for Transformation-Marketer-Exporters of grape juice and must), AEMZU, is very worried about future negotiations regarding the Common Organization of Agricultural Markets although, the fact that the Castilla - La Mancha regional minister will be the person heading the negotiations gives some room for optimism. "We know she can count on the professionals from the sector", said Román Cantarero, president of AEMZU during the general joint assembly of his association and the regional association AEMZUCAMAN.

Cantarero elaborated on this subject: "we do not know what will happen with this Common Organization which will rule the sector in the European Union for the next 6 years". For AEMZU these negotiations are "like a lottery" and the survival of the sector is at stake.

"Vine is one of the main economic and ecological engines for Castilla - La Mancha and other places in this country therefore it is not viable to remove this crop and we must find solutions to make it survive" Canterero added.

During AEMZU assembly, they studied the project about "Musts with geographical indication Castilla - La Mancha", "variety musts", and "organic musts" which are three ways to penetrate external markets to help improve marketing.

It was clear during this assembly that "there is an increase in the must demand as people look for natural products and grape juice is one of them. Also, it can be mixed with other fruits like mango, orange, pineapple, berries, etc"

In FENAVIN 2003, the sales figures for must were 4 million, now they talk about 7 million and they trust the figure will be over 8 million by FENAVIN 2007. This can happen, as there is already a demand, registered in the new UE countries like Poland, Czech Republic, etc. although Germany, Holland and the Northern countries are still our main must buyers.

AEMZU and AVIMES are present in FENAVIN-2005 with three exhibitors: the first one is a monographic designed to present and promote the "Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla" This Wednesday 11th of May at 17.00 hours in the Assembly Room the prizes "I contest of the best wines from Castilla - La Mancha" will be presented. This was promoted by ASEVICAMAN (Asociación Regional de Empresarios Vitivinícolas de Castilla-La Mancha- Regional Association of Wine Producing Businessmen from Castilla - La Mancha) in cooperation with the Regional Ministry of Agriculture from Castilla - La Mancha. This is actually a milestone because it is the first time such variety denomination is promoted. They show the year and the wine making system and become, because they are good value for money, very much appreciated wines for every day consumption.

Secondly, they have the stand of the Asociación Regional de Empresarios de Mostos y Zumos de Uva de Castilla-La Mancha (AEMZUCAMAN), where they display all the existing must varieties (concentrated, rectified, varieties, organics, must jam, etc.)

Lastly, they participate in FENAVIN with the "Asociación Española del Vinagre" (Spanish Vinegar Association) (AEV), where they also display the various types of Spanish vinegar: wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, balsamic vinegar and other.