Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





CCAE: the wine Common Market Organization CMO must continue to help those cooperatives making efforts to promote their products.

The meeting of the viticulture sectoral body of the National Confederation CCAE has been held.

10.05.2005 | 

This afternoon, during the meeting of the viticulture sectoral body of the National Confederation CCAE held in FENAVIN, Nicolás Gómez, sectoral wine technician of this confederation, informed the audience about the meeting held at the end of April between the Ministry of Agriculture and this Confederation of Cooperatives. In this meeting there were talks about basic subjects like the future reform of the Common Organization of wine Markets and the forthcoming decision about the request regarding crisis distillation.

Around 15 people were present in the meeting, wine sector representatives of the various federations and autonomous unions, and they analyzed the market behavior in the different Spanish wine producing areas (internal consumption, external markets and assessment of the situation) as well as the perspectives for the future due to changes in regulations for the wine sector.

The president of the confederation, Joaquín Hernández, asserted that "we must constantly work on measures which can favor the cooperatives which do worry about commercialization processes and improve them, compared to others which do not take steps to open new markets". He also stressed that measures taken by public administrations to improve the crisis situation in the wine sector will bring solutions for the commercialization of table wines, but they should not forget the appellations.