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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN opens to Research and Innovation

In the new Viticulture Innovation Room winemakers have at their disposal projects to help find a solution to their problems.

10.05.2005 | 

FENAVIN 2005 organization has brought a novelty to the fair, a new, intelligent and very helpful tool for winemakers: the Viticulture Innovation Room, a feature whereby FENAVIN opens to the research and technological world. This room can be found in the Hesiodo pavilion.

On the one hand, the winemakers have, in this Room, at their disposal, projects which can be useful to solve the problems they encounter in their companies when they do not know whom to turn to. And, on the other hand, FENAVIN becomes the perfect setting for the promotion and updating of latest scientific advances, and making them available for everyone, in order to improve the professional activity of the wine sector.

María Teresa de Cuadra, researcher and expert in new technologies and also a teacher at the Castilla - La Mancha University, is in charge of the Room. She has an extensive and interesting curriculum and accumulates more than 400 wine tasting events in the past few years, all certified, recorded and authorized for scientific purposes.

She thinks the fact that FENAVIN has chosen scientific precision, research and new technologies, is of extreme importance. This is a field which can be applied to the sector and which must be taken into account. She also thinks it is fundamental that the organization has included this aspect, together with the professional, commercial and cultural aspects of the fair.


The three main wine research centers in the world show the result of their works in three areas of knowledge or sectors: viticulture, oenology and marketing - positioning. To select the contents to be shown in the fair there was a previous survey carried out in the sector.

Joining the interests of these three sectors means wine makers present at FENAVIN have the great advantage to have available information which can help them solve problems detected in their businesses. To this end, research centers were selected from four of the five continents.

Regarding marketing and positioning, the third area of knowledge, the winery owner has the opportunity to know existing trade shows and research center in other countries.

Likewise, there can be outlines of what works are being carried out today in order to evaluate results, facilitate promotion campaigns, analyze why and where courses related to the world of oenology and viticulture are carried out, amongst other things. In short, professionals have access to a type of information that is not readily available under normal circumstances.


There are two main novelties in the Viticulture Innovation Room. On the one hand, to get to know and present the new research concept and, on the other hand, to design the research areas according to the selection criteria demanded by the user.

It is important to note that from the Viticulture Innovation Room in FENAVIN, one can find top level training plans. There the professional in need of training can be helped to find the right place to go and who to talk to.

This new service offered by the National Wine Fair, will undoubtedly be justly valued as a great tool by winemakers participating in the Fair. Moreover, specialized professionals can find in this Room addresses of research centers, contact telephone numbers from all around the world and they have access to direct contact with other companies of the sector, amongst other things.

FENAVIN is the setting where research projects are presented. These projects with scientific precision are also proposals to be applied and carried out to suit needs. There are also periodic sessions given by researchers who cooperated in the project and who explain the project in a comprehensive way and can clarify any doubts arising during the National Wine Fair.