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The Finnish journalist Aarno Magnusson invites Spanish exporters to expansion.

Spanish wine ranked first in consumption in Finland for years, until the emerging countries landed.

10.05.2005 | 

Spanish wine, due to its quality, ranked first amongst imported wines in Finland for many years. It came before French and Italian wines, the Finnish journalist Aarno Magnusson said this morning during the seminar "Spanish wine in Finland: to be or not to be" which was held in FENAVIN.

Aarno Magnusson (Finland), decorated with the Gran Cruz de la Orden del Mérito Civil by H.M. the King D. Juan Carlos I, has, during his speech at the seminar, referred to the reasons for growth for Spanish companies exporting to Finland, and he encouraged the winery owners to prepare a more aggressive communication and PR campaigns in his country.

This is precisely the reason why emerging markets from the New World like Argentina, Chile or South Africa are successful in Finland. They have carried out aggressive communication campaigns, and they have continuously participated in the most important events in the country and have been present in the media whereas Spain registered a drop in promotional campaigns. Another aspect contributing to the drop in consumption of Spanish wine in this Northern country, according to Magnusson, is the lack of identification with the country of origin by Spanish wineries. Instead of highlighting they are from Spain, they prefer to sell themselves with the different appellations and places of origin.

Magnusson talked about other subjects, amongst them the analysis the journalist made about the role of the existing monopoly on the Finnish market or the preferences of Finnish people when it comes to tastes. The consumers feel quite attracted by the mix of "Tempranillo" and vanilla like oak of smooth Spanish quality wines.

The Spanish wine sector is carrying out great competitive efforts in order to make great quality wines. In this respect, the Finnish journalist thinks that this is now showing "in places like Murcia where the quality has greatly improved, and also in Toro, Bierzo, Valdepeñas and La Mancha"


To speak English and be enterprising. Spain should maintain its local varieties without competing with others from foreign countries. Thanks to them, Spain was leader in consumption, before France, Italy, Chile and South Africa.

Furthermore, to recover a good consumption of Spanish wines in Finland, exhibitors must be able to speak English and they have to be enterprising in the market", Magnusson explains. The journalist contributes to "Etiketten", official magazine with considerable circulation published by ALKO, the Finnish monopoly, which tries to create a wine culture. He also writes articles in the following newspapers "Vasabladet" and "Abo Underrättelser".