Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The journalist Sergio Sauca, chaired the forum "Wine and Sports"

Moderate wine consumption is beneficial to Sports professionals.

09.05.2005 | 

Moderate wine consumption with food is beneficial to sportsmen / women. Furthermore, speakers agreed that wineries should sponsor sports and sports professionals. These were a few of the conclusions of the forum "Wine and Sports" chaired by the sports journalist from TVE, Sergio Sauca. The ex-football player from Real Madrid, Manuel Sanchís, the tennis player Pato Clavet and the football player José García Calvo also participated in the debate.

The idea of the forum was to try and show how wine is a very much-valued element and how it counts on followers in the elite sports world. Speakers were "Sports professionals who confirmed wine as being - in moderation - a must for sports people". Moreover, two of these three ex-sportsmen have exchanged sports for the wine world.

Manuel Sanchís will launch on the market, within a few months, the brand Casalobos, a vintage wine, appellation "Tierra de Castilla" which is being made in his estate, some 14 km from Ciudad Real.

As for José García Calvo he is also in the process of creating another wine brand, namely "Cepa 21", which will be a "Ribera del Duero".

The tennis player Pato Clavet called himself a taster of quality wines.

The chairman Sergio Sauca is a wine amateur and an inveterate reader of literature about wine. He recalled "there are famous sportsmen like Martin Fiz who round off their meals with a glass of wine for lunch and another for dinner".

Participants in this forum also highlighted the fact that wine is characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. And they all agreed to conclude that wineries should sponsor sports and sports professionals.