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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The International Union of Oenologists encourages the search for a beverage with lower alcohol content to fight against "botellón"

The UIOE is studying the possibility of issuing an International Certificate for Oenologists.

09.05.2005 | 

The Unión Internacional de Enólogos (International Union of Oenologists) (UIOE) held its general assembly at FENAVIN 2005, on the first day of the show, chaired by the Italian Giussepe Martelli, and by the vice-president Vicente Sánchez Migallón, who is also the president of the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Enólogos (Spanish Federation of Oenologists Associations) (FEAE). The UIOE is the body that gathers all the national associations of professionals from all wine producing countries. In all, it gathers together 20 000 oenologists who work in 12 000 wine producing cultivations in 15 countries. They have shown great interest in looking for a moderate beverage that will attract young people and take them away from "botellón".

During this assembly where some twenty representatives from Oenologists Associations from all the wine producing countries in the world participated, Austria was welcomed as part of the UIOE, and there was the announcement that Milan would be hosting the next Assembly. Martelli pointed out that they were impressed by the progress and restructuring of the vineyards and wineries from Castilla - La Mancha. Oenologists are concerned about the amount of ocratoxina stipulated by the European Union Law passed on 26th of January this year, and they also discussed the use of wine-barrel chips in wine, a topic open for discussion in the future.

During the assembly they also debated the possibility of issuing an International Certificate for Oenologists to keep up with current work mobility as more and more professionals go to another country to work.

Vicente Sánchez Migallón, during the summary before the media, insisted upon a subject which is a source of worry for the UIOE, i.e., the great need to attract young people to the wine sector: "we are worried about the growth of "Botellón" and we, oenologists, have to find a product for young people to enjoy but which would make them reduce the great dose of alcohol they drink now. It has to be an attractive, moderate and intelligent alternative to fight "botellón"".

Furthermore, they discussed major subjects of the wine sector, such as harvest, winemaking practices and estimates about the future of business in the wine sector, among others. There will be talks about the way the UIE works internally, training of oenologists at university level and its standardization in all countries as well as the wine industry situation. The objectives of the association are to meet the need to represent in the world all the national oenologists associations and contribute to the progress of the worldwide wine industry. The association will also defend the interest of professionals, fighting the wrong use of the oenologist title and against unfair competition.

The UIE acts as a link of union and solidarity between the many associations, both in the humane and professional aspects. In this respect, it represents a decisive factor when standardizing winemaking processes, and methods of analysis, be it chemical, microbiological or sensory. Likewise, it establishes training policies and professional rehabilitation for oenologists in different countries, standardizing syllabus.

The objective of the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Enólogos (Spanish Federation of Oenologists Association) (FEAE), created in 1993 in Vilafranca del Penedès substituting the previous Spanish Association of Oenologists, is to represent and defend the professional interests of oenologists, as well as to promote the development and progress of vine production and wine-making processes of its associates and also to manage, in the best way possible, common interests, giving advice and representing oenologists in functions and subjects of interest.