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Seminar "Communication Strategies between Spain and Japan"

Seminar "Communication Strategies between Spain and Japan"

Seminar "Communication Strategies between Spain and Japan"

To be aware of cultural patterns is the key to success when making business with Japan.

09.05.2005 | 

The main objective of the seminar "Business Communication Strategies between Spain and Japan" was to reveal the necessary keys to establish profitable business between Spain and Japan. It happened this morning in FENAVIN from 10 AM in lecture room 2, Dionisos Pavilion. Carlos Rubio de la Llave, teacher of Japanese Language and Culture at the Complutense University, chaired the seminar.

The seminar, whose recipients were the Spanish wine business sector (winemakers, exporters, etc…) present at FENAVIN, was aimed at making the most of the investment carried out in the Japanese wine market by sharing practical knowledge about the social communication code and business practices in Japan.

In order to achieve this, Carlos Rubio explained, in three different blocks, the required steps to obtain the maximum benefit when contacts occur between Japanese people and Spaniards in the wine sector's business environment.

Amongst others, ideas like knowing our future buyers, knowing their cultural values, very different from ours, were developed and this means the exporter has to be able to read the cultural code of the person he/she is talking to.


At the seminar where also mentioned values from the Japanese culture such as the cult of the "King", i.e., the cult to courtesy and good manners, paramount to understand the business attitude of Japanese people towards wine.

The Western businessman has to know that Japanese people belong to a society drastically different to his where the group is above the individual and that, in order to establish a business relationship with them, it is preferable to talk to middle management, rather than go straight to executive level. Exactly the opposite of what we do here in Spain. Intermediaries are also key people who manage our business contact with the target Japanese company.

This "chukaisha" is responsible for preparing the right ambience to start business relationships between the two countries. Furthermore, Japanese people expect the Spanish buyer to be very gentle, and thus, the Japanese buyer is not treated as a customer but rather as a "guest of honor", Rubio said.

Thanks to the seminar and talks like the one given this afternoon at 17.00 hours by the Spanish/Japanese translator, Sachiko Sawada, and the one the second secretary of the Embassy of China in Madrid, Cheng Tu Zhai, is in charge of, at 18.00 hours, FENAVIN assists in making business with the East an easier task.