Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Seven hundred Wineries and Cooperatives from all over Spain will participate in FENAVIN 2005

As well as 400 international buyers and distributors from 23 countries

06.05.2005 | 

Seven hundred wineries and cooperatives and 58 appellations and geographical indications from all over Spain will be present at this III Feria Nacional del Vino (National Wine Fair), FENAVIN 2005 which will take place from 9th to 12th of May in the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion with an exhibition area of 15 000 square meters.

The opening ceremony will be hosted by the President of Castilla - La Mancha, José María Barreda; the Ciudad Real Provincial Government and FENAVIN president , Nemesio de Lara, and the trade show General Manager, Manuel Juliá.

FENAVIN reached outstanding results in terms of national and international buyers present at the show and business contacts in previous editions. The objective of the wine fair is to continue to work along those promotional lines and attract more importers thus increasing their number in this third edition.

In this respect, a program to attract national buyers was implemented whereby the fair gets promoted within the sector and it endeavors to convince people in charge of purchasing in hypermarkets, specialized shops and distributors in general to participate.

In essence, this new FENAVIN 2005 reproduces the same mould than the two previous events, without introducing revolutionary elements, as it has worked so well from a practical and realistic point of view. But there are new features to improve this major event.

As main novelty in this third edition, and following the demands of the exhibitors themselves, FENAVIN has increased the presence of national professionals and buyers, who find in the Business Center the information and meeting point so helpful to plan their meetings with exhibitors in advance. Contacts have been made with national representatives and turn out should be good.


Cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and the Ciudad Real Provincial Government made it possible to gather many foreign buyers, more than last time that will meet in the Business Center. Coordination between both institutions is necessary to develop many contacts with agents and companies specialized in the wine sector, branches in Spain and abroad, and thus find potential customers for exhibitors participating in FENAVIN.

At the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion there is now more space. Six pavilions equivalent to 14 612 sq. meters are occupied to satisfy the more than 400 distributors and importers from 23 countries, such as Germany, Scandinavian Countries, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands and Mexico, amongst others, and which are interesting markets for selling Spanish wine due to their characteristics.


Likewise, some 30 of the best new wines for this year (according to José Peñín selection criterion) can be tasted in this third edition of the National Wine Fair, FENAVIN 2005. In the "Peñín Selección" area: "New Values of the Spanish Wine" he is responsible for, wine buyers and specialized journalists who are interested can taste those wines.

This stand with 300 sq. meters is located in the Eneo Pavilion within the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion. The objective is to solve the problem of unknown wineries just starting in the wine business and possessing interesting wines they cannot promote due to limited financial means.

The Peñin Selection had very positive results in the previous National Wine Fair, FENAVIN 2003. Thanks to this initiative a lot of Spanish Wineries became known and this year they come back as exhibitors. The Peñín Selection is a magnet attracting new buyers. In short, the fundamental aim of the stand is to make new values of the Spanish Wine come to light.


Nick Room, British, buyer in the wine purchasing department at Waitrose and now responsible for wine purchasing from various countries namely France, North and South America, East Europe, Austria, Portugal and Spain will be present in FENAVIN 2005.

The Waitrose Group, chain of specialized food shops, has 166 supermarkets in England and Wales, and some 35 000 employees. These shops carry a wide range of products known for their quality. Waitrose has a promotional program which covers all the aspects of the range. Its wine selection is an award winner for its diversity and for being good value for money.


Furthermore, there are over 40 parallel activities organized in cooperation with Federación Española de Asociaciones de Enólogos (Spanish Federation of Oenologists Associations), Federación Española del Vino (Spanish Wine Federation), Conferencia Española de Consejos Reguladores (Spanish Conference of Appellation Boards), Federación Nacional de Profesionales de Sala (National Federation of Restaurant Professionals) , Asociación Nacional de Sumilleres (National Sommeliers Association), Federación Internacional de Periodistas y Escritores del Vino (International Federation of Wine Journalists and Writers) and other important associations and professional organizations from the sector.

In the course of the Fair there will be seminars, talks and round tables about the wine culture, technical conferences and many specialized mass media representatives will be present.

The National Wine Fair works to turn Ciudad Real into the center and the point of reference of Spanish Wine. Something the sector needs and, above all, the place where wine buyers and exhibitors can make serene and even privileged business contacts with international buyers.