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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Famous specialized journalists will evaluate the wine image in the media during FENAVIN 2005

Federico Oldenburg

Federico Oldenburg

Next Wednesday, 11th of May, within Feria Nacional del Vino (National Wine Fair) which will be held in the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion.

02.05.2005 | 

The famous journalists Carlos Delgado, José Carlos Capel, José Ramón Martínez Peiró and Juan Manuel Bellver will evaluate the "wine image in the media" during the conference coordinated by another journalist, Federico Oldenburg, which will take place within Feria Nacional del Vino, FENAVIN 2005, from 9TH to 12TH of May in the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion.

Federico Oldenburg, advisor for the wine portal "Lavinia" and for the Peñín Group, will make the introduction of the conference which will take place on Wednesday 11th of May. He will explain the evolution of wine image during the past twenty years. In this respect, the subjects under discussion will be "the wine we can see, i.e., the wine found in the general-interest printed media (newspapers, weeklies, etc) the growing importance of wine in the Sunday supplements and women's press" he says. F. Oldenburg is also the coordinator of the gastronomy section of the magazine "Gentleman".

Likewise, the wine image in the specialized magazines will be explained during this conference and there will be a debate about "whether or not the language we use is too cryptic". Furthermore, he adds "we will discuss the wine which is not seen, talk about the possibilities of wine in the radio and will try to answer the question: why is wine not present on television? This medium is a matter pending".


In the same way, the subject of wine as an advertising object, i.e., the evolution of wine advertisements, how wineries promote their product in the press and the outstanding subject: "to what extent do wineries finance the specialized press?" will be subjects debated by the speakers.

Lastly, the National Gastronomy Award 2002, Carlos Delgado, director of the magazine, "Mi Vino" and "Vinum" and wine critic for El País daily newspaper, José Carlos Capel, gastronomy critic in El País daily newspaper and member of the Spanish Gastronomy Academy, José Ramón Martínez Peiró, Director of the magazine "Sobremesa´" and Juan Manuel Bellver, gastronomy critic in El Mundo daily newspaper and National Gastronomy Award 2001, will close the meeting with a reflection on the future of wine.

These journalists will supply information about wine in the web and will discuss if it is business or information and if internet will take the place of the specialized magazines. Participants will also debate the image of Spanish wine in the international press: are we up to expectations?

The wine critic Carlos Delgado states "FENAVIN is a fair whose importance is growing and will now go beyond the Castilla - La Mancha scene, which was more present in previous editions, opening up to other areas. This is the most important wine rendezvous in our country".