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Rafael Puyó: "FENAVIN is one of the best fairs in Europe"

Rafael Puyó

Rafael Puyó

According to the General Secretary of AVIMES (Asociación Empresarial de Bodegas de Vinos de España) (Business Association of Spanish Wineries).

18.03.2005 | 

The General Secretary of AVIMES (Asociación Empresarial de Bodegas de Vinos de España), Rafael Puyó, states that “FENAVIN is one of the best fairs in Europe” together with the Italian Vinitaly, the French Vinexpo and the German Prowein, just as the German Specialized magazine The Weinwirtschaft has recently maintained. The latter is the one with the biggest circulation in the country as certified by the IVW (Information Society for the Analysis of Media Distribution) in an article dedicated to the analysis of the European Wine Fairs.

Puyó asserts FENAVIN is the only monographic trade show specifically dedicated to the wine sector. “At other fairs, Spanish wine products are slightly diluted due to the great number of stands offering other food products and also due to the presence of too many International products from other countries whereas in Feria Nacional del Vino (National Wine Fair), contact is easier, more direct and more specific. This is the best FENAVIN’s asset".

"This fair is reaching a different level compared to others, which makes it more attractive. The business volume is ever increasing because contact with international importers and buyers is maintained” explains Puyó who is also the General Secretaty of AEMZU (Asociación Española Empresarial de Transformadores - Comercializadores - Exportadores de Mostos y Zumos de Uva). (Spanish Business Association of businessmen for Transformation-Commerce-Exports of grape juice and must).

He also highlights that "the Business Center is the most important export space within the fair. And this will be FENAVIN 2005 success factor”. The wine professionals could see the spectacular success of last FENAVIN in 2003 and this is the reason why, this year, there will be 700 wineries and exhibitors from all over Spain because “the experience from 2003 was positive and this year they are willing to make business. FENAVIN’s key to success is to attract more buyers and this is what has to be maintained" he says.

Likewise he adds "the National Wine Fair will get stronger and stronger thanks to the importers from countries which are main buyers”. In this sense, he says it is important to identify the importer, and he also advises to concentrate on the Spanish Wines. “That is where FENAVIN’s success lies. It is better to have a clear message with a simple identification such as “Wines from Spain” because this will attract more visitors to the Spanish Wines since, on a world scale, what stands out is the brand-country pairing".


The Asociación Empresarial de Bodegas de Vinos de España (AVIMES) (Business Association of Spanish Wineries) and AEMZU will be present at FENAVIN 2005 which will take place from 9th to 12th of May in the Trade Show Pavilion in Ciudad Real, with three exhibitors: the first one is monographic and endeavors to present and make known wines from the denomination “Wines from the Land of Castilla” where the Awards for the “First officially recognized contest of the Best Wines of the Land of Castilla” will be presented by the Regional Minister of Agriculture. These awards are promoted by ASEVICAMAN (Asociación Regional de Empresarios Vitivinícolas de Castilla-La Mancha) (Regional Wine Business Association of Castilla - La Mancha) and is a landmark as it promotes, for the first time, the knowledge of those wine varieties which show the year and the wine making process and which can become, due to the value for money factor, very much appreciated for every day consumption.

Likewise, they will also be present with the stand of the Asociación Regional de Empresarios de Mostos y Zumos de Uva de Castilla-La Mancha (AEMZUCAMAN) (Castilla - La Mancha Regional Association of must and grape juice businessmen), where all the existing must varieties will be presented (concentrated, rectified, varietal, ecological musts, jams made of grape must, etc…)

Lastly, they will be in FENAVIN with the exhibitor of the “Asociación Española del Vinagre” (AEV) (Spanish Association of Vinegar) where all the different Spanish types of vinegar will be presented: wine vinegar, Jerez wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and other. The three stands in question are located right after the “Wine tunnel”, on the second floor, where the importers/buyers will be able to check those three exhibitions with great economic importance for the region and for the Spanish wine sector.


Lastly, Puyó explains that “Spain exported its wine in 2004 at an average price which was the lowest in the past four years, exceeding for the first time the 14 million hectoliters but with an income similar to year 2001 level. "The percentage of our wine exports, compared to total production, is still below 30%, and this figure is achieved by adding the close to five million must and grape juice exports, which takes us to around 40% exports from our total production” asserts Puyó, “we export almost 75% to the European Union and 25% to third countries and we have to insist upon regular promotions where “Foundation” is the main instrument to make our wines and must known, with no further delay, in order to face the flood of competition from Third Producing Countries which are more aggressive in marketing".